TREK Farley 9.6 Fat Bike

High Performance, Four-Season Fun And Freedom For Year-Round Adventure

Article by Richard Meyer

Photography by Provided by Idaho Mountain Touring

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Looking to set some new year’s fitness goals for 2020?  Most new year’s goals last about 2-5 weeks before they start falling apart.  All it takes is a glance outside into the 39-degree weather and getting fit doesn’t seem so important.

A fat bike is a great solution.  If you would like a reason to get out of the house while getting an incredible workout, and building crazy strong legs, and having the time of your life doing it?  You need a fat bike!  You know, those bikes with the super-wide tires that float over just about anything in their path.  If you have not researched the latest advancements for a while, be prepared to be impressed.  They are faster, lighter and more versatile than ever before.

Imagine riding along a snowy mountain trail, following the gentle curves of the river, smashing through a workout surrounded by the most beautiful and peaceful terrain Idaho has to offer, stopping only to breathe in the views and experience local wildlife like never before.

Consider the TREK Farley 9.6, a true four-season bike for year-round adventure, no matter where the trail takes you.  Offering an all-terrain experience, snow, loose rocks, sand, and even mud, not much will get in your way or slow you down.  The Farley 9.6 will take you wherever you want and whenever you need to go.

The traction on every sort of terrain is incredible, whether you are climbing or descending. Originally built to float on top of snow or sand, it is a blast to ride during any season since it is extremely light and inspires confidence in any rider. Cory Mecl, Idaho Mountain Touring.

For more information visit Idaho Mountain Touring, 1310 W. Main St., Boise or 1739 W. Cherry Lane, Meridian

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