Trend Forecast for Fall/Winter Makeup

Revitalizing Color Palettes, Refined Radiance, and Timeless Elegance

As we gear up for the fall/winter season, makeup enthusiasts can look forward to some exciting and subtle trend changes. The "bare-faced" look, which has been dominating the beauty scene for the past couple of years, will continue to hold its ground, maintaining a fresh and natural appeal. However, it's the introduction of new color palettes that will truly revitalize and elevate our makeup routines.

Pinks, berries, plums, and coppers are set to take center stage during the fall and winter months. These shades will infuse the season with a touch of richness and warmth, perfectly complementing the cooler weather.  Expect to see these hues in eyeshadows, blushes, and lip products.

Facial makeup will see a steady transition towards foundation formulas with a slightly higher pigment, giving a more flawless and radiant matte finish. While the dewy look has been popular, the fall/winter season will embrace a polished and refined appearance, providing a subtle glow that complements the overall color scheme.

One of the most anticipated comebacks for this season is the classic smoky eye. After years of laying low, this timeless trend will resurface, but with a modern twist. Instead of the traditional dark shadows, coppers and plums will take center stage, accompanied by chocolate and copper/plum eyeliners, deviating from the conventional black liners.

Blushes will follow suit, showcasing deeper berry shades that complement the fall/winter vibes. Additionally, new launches of lilac to purple-colored blushes from luxury brands like YSL and Patrick Ta will add an exciting touch of novelty to the makeup scene.

When it comes to lips, neutral shades will remain popular for daytime looks, featuring nude brown pinks and berry colors. For evening glamour, deeper berry lip colors will take center stage, allowing for a sophisticated and alluring finish. The reign of glossy lips will continue, with matte lipsticks being less prevalent and not expected to be the trendy choice this year.

Furthermore, a timeless trend that never truly goes out of style will make a strong resurgence this fall: deeper shades of lipstick ranging from classic reds to rich berry colors. While this trend might not be new, it will be featured prominently in fall/winter makeup launches, satisfying those who crave a touch of timeless elegance.

The makeup trends for the upcoming season will offer endless opportunities for self-expression and creativity.  So gear up and get ready to explore the beauty and possibilities of fall/winter makeup trends!

Side Bar:

Meet Kiev Osborne: A Maestro of Makeup Artistry

Kiev Osborne of The Makeup Unlimited, is an accomplished makeup artist based in Atlanta, GA, who has been shaping the beauty industry for nearly three decades. Specializing in editorial, commercial, red carpet, bridal, and SFX makeup, her talent and creativity have graced numerous notable advertising campaigns. Her recent acceptance into the prestigious Film and TV Union local 798 speaks volumes about her expertise and passion for the craft. 

Beyond the world of makeup artistry, Kiev enjoys a diverse range of activities, including spending time at the beach in Florida, fishing, and pursuing artistic endeavors, such as cooking.

The Makeup Unlimited 

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