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Student of the Month

Triumph and Tenacity: Navigating High School with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Article by Kathy Moreno

Photography by Lovelyn Photography

Originally published in Allen City Lifestyle

Being selected as the Student of the Month is always a momentous occasion. This month, the honor goes to an exceptional student at Allen High School, whose journey is as inspiring as it is unique. Anthony Barajas, a talented and determined individual who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), has risen above challenges and misconceptions to earn this prestigious recognition. This fall, he will embark on a new chapter at Texas Wesleyan University, where he will live on campus and try out for the e-sports team—a pursuit that aligns with his passion for gaming. Success in this audition could secure him a scholarship, further supporting his educational journey. But Anthony's talents are not confined to the digital world. He has a profound love for the fine arts, particularly acting and music. His dedication to these fields culminated in winning Sweepstakes for his choir during his senior year, and he plans to audition for Texas Wesleyan’s choir team. Anthony's involvement at Allen Senior High has been extensive. He has been a key member of the choir, robotics, and AV production teams, even lettering in choir for his contributions. His baritone voice has been a cornerstone of the choir's success, and his passion for music and acting is evident in everything he does. As Anthony prepares for his next steps, his story serves as an inspiration to his peers and the broader community. His achievements remind us that, even with the challenges of a student with ASD,, anything is possible. We celebrate Anthony not just for being Student of the Month, but for being a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of perseverance and excellence.