Tulsa's Best Kept Secret

Mustard Seed Door Consignment is Tulsa’s place for one-of-a-kind furnishings, décor & more.

Mustard Seed Door Consignment feels more like a high-end furniture boutique than a consignment store. There are no tacky booths stuffed with half-broken furniture, kitschy decorations, and knick-knacks from a bygone era. While most consignment stores make you think worn and out-of-fashion, Mustard Seed says classic and classy.

The deceivingly large space at Tulsa’s London Square is peppered with tasteful vignettes of style and luxury. A plush leather sofa. An Italian vase. A dining room set. The furniture is high-quality from reputable brands, all in excellent condition. The accessories, lamps, textiles, and wall art on display may range in styles from primitive to modern but are all something you could envision in your own home. When Tulsa’s elite redecorate or downsize, this is where their things go.

Owners Diana Clark and John Clark, her son, take the best furnishings and décor and give them new life. They carefully assess each item presented to them for quality, condition, and desirability and only accept those they are confident will sell. Diana remarks that consigners are often shocked by how well their item did. Even though consigned pieces may be sold at a fraction of their original purchase price, they are still sold at a respectable price.

The choice of where to consign comes down to what you want to get out of it. Diana explains a simple truth she has learned over 19 years of business: “The nicer the venue you place your piece in, the better it does. If you put your piece next to something low quality, your piece is perceived as low quality.”

Consigning proves a better alternative to auctions, estate sales, and online platforms like Facebook Marketplace because Mustard Seed offers greater exposure from an abundant following and their friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Mustard Seed employs extensive social media to advertise inventory. Devoted customers stop in frequently to view the ever-changing merchandise, and some even buy things sight unseen from social media posts because people trust the Mustard Seed’s reputation.

Diana reveals that Mustard Seed Door Consignment is also the place where clients choose to sell furniture and décor when redecorating, downsizing, moving, any type of life transition or after a death. “People want to find the most respectful thing to do with someone’s belongings,” Diana explains, and Mustard Seed is known as a reputable and respectful place to sell. “People can feel good about selling their loved ones’ things with us because they know they are going to a good home.”

Consigners can also rest assured that Mustard Seed Door Consignment operates with impeccable integrity.  A surprising 97% of items taken on consignment find their way to new homes. Those that don’t in the 90-day period, however, are given back to the owners or donated per the consigners’ wishes. Mustard Seed does not take possession of unsold items or place unclear restrictions on the process. “If a piece is over $100 and doesn’t sell, it still belongs to you, and you choose what happens to it next,” Diana explains.

Discerning shoppers flock to Mustard Seed for the originality of the merchandise as well as the quality. There is no mass-market production represented here. You aren’t going to see identical pieces in the homes of your friends or on sale at big box stores. What you will find are unique, quality, one-of-a-kind furnishings at a reasonable price.

Mustard Seed Door Consignment is also a practical way to furnish your home. Amid current inventory shortages and long wait times, consignment promises immediacy. Diana confesses: “we hear nightmares every week of people waiting months and months for furniture they’ve ordered. They say, ‘I wish I’d come here first!’”

For a fun shopping experience or information on consigning furniture visit Mustard Seed Door Consignment at
5800 S Lewis in Tulsa.


"If you put your piece next to something low quality, your piece is perceived as low quality.”

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