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Tulsa’s guitar man extraordinaire

'Who's gonna steal the show, baby, you know it's the guitar man"

Multi-instrumentalist Tulsa jazz musician Joesf Glaude studied music at Christopher Newport College in Virginia. He then became the Head Guitar Professor at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa before leaving to pursue music exclusively, focusing on small groups, solo acoustic, and harp guitar. With his signature style, Joesf has performed an impressive music repertoire, ranging from classical and bluegrass to punk rock and jazz for audiences around Tulsa and across America since 2000.

In addition to his established reputation as a musician, Joesf has also made his mark as a philanthropist, donating his talent to perform at events hosted by a long list of local charities over the years, including Soldier's Wish, Helpless Hounds, Catholic Charities, Emergency Infant Services, Food For The Poor, and many others. He was also involved in the Hurricane Harvey Festival in 2017. He also created his own event---now in its 26th year---called the BUS concert, which he hosts twice a year at various venues, dedicated to getting donations of blankets, underwear and socks to support Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Once homeless himself, he sees the concerts as his way to give back to those who helped him.

Joesf has 13 CDs to his creative credit and is currently working on a Christmas CD. Apart from his work as a soloist and clinician, his other projects include classical guitar and violin with James Ruggles, Guitars Gone Wild (a jazz fusion group) with Jarrod Elmore and Bill Jones, and Blues/R&B/Soul with vocalist Big Joe Muse. Joesf has also worked with Angie Cockrell and Sean Al-Jibouri, who played on his CD Sentimental Blue, and popular local musician Randy Brumley. Joesf can be heard on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio and other internet radio stations.

Most awarded for jazz, Joesf is a five-time winner of Urban Tulsa Magazine's Absolute Best of Tulsa for Jazz Artist of the Year, Instrumental Artist of the Year and Song of the Year. He’s been featured in Oklahoma magazine, Tulsa World, Tulsa Front Page, The Current, and others. He also was recognized as one of the World's Top 50 Harp Guitarists by the music industry's popular Fingerstyle Guitar magazine.

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Whether you hear him at a festival, club, concert, private event or charity fundraiser, you're sure to have a musical experience you'll not soon forget.