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Tuning into Atlanta’s Next Generation of Classical Musicians

Since 2001, Franklin Pond Chamber Music, in collaboration with the ASYO, has coached and inspired young musicians by providing the highest quality music education possible, helping raise up the next generation of professional orchestra members, and providing hope for classical music for generations to come.

Meet Jonathan Fuller, 18, one of America’s global music ambassadorsBuckhead music lovers have ample opportunities to see Fuller and other gifted musicians close to home. In Franklin Pond’s lively open master classes at Peachtree Road Methodist and Peachtree Presbyterian Churches, ensembles like Fuller’s Apollo Quintet are coached before a live audience by world-renowned musicians including the nine-time Grammy-winning Emerson Quartet.

Inspired by his musical mother, Fuller began playing the cello at age 4 and never considered another instrument or direction.   Now at age 18, Fuller is one step closer to his goal of becoming a professional musician. In July, he returns for his second tour as a cellist in the esteemed National Youth Orchestra. The highly selective program trains about 100 of America’s most talented musicians and travels to global musical capitals, including New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Lucerne. Fuller is just one of 12 Cellists nationwide and one of four Georgians selected.

In addition to his local training with Franklin Pond, Fuller is the principal chair of the Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra and plays with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Chamber Players. When he’s not center stage, he is often at the skatepark, reading or performing at retirement homes and churches.

While Fuller’s talents are unparalleled, he exudes great optimism for all classical student musicians. “I think the future of classical music is very secure,” said Fuller. “I see firsthand how many passionate young musicians there are, and I know many will devote their lives to this art.”