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Four Female Authors' Newly Released Books

Author: Precious Simone
Title: Behind The Desk
Synopsis: Finding purpose and passion in 9-5 routines.

Author: Sherri Jost
Co-Author: Tina Clarin
Title: Stronger Together/Walking Through Trauma, PTSD & Abuse
Synopsis: Exploring survival, advocacy, healing, redemption.

Author: Shelly Snow Pordea
Title: The Cheating Wife
Synopsis: Tackling prevalent ideologies that take courage to discuss. 

Author: Marcy Bursac
Title: The Forgotten Adoption Option: A Self-Reflection and How-To Guide for Pursuing Foster Care Adoption
Synopsis: Adopting through foster care.

Most published female author in the world? Agatha Christie, typically called the 'queen of crime.'

  • Marcy Bursac
  • Shelly Pordeau
  • Precious Simone
  • Sherri Jost