Turn Your House Into a Home with Watson Elsberry Designs

Led by the power duo, Katie  Watson and Nancy Elsberry, their approach to design curates beautiful rooms

Article by Kristin Burnell

Photography by Julia Dagastino and Aaron Dougherty

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

Nothing speaks comfortable and cozy like the month of November. Thanksgiving, dinner parties and fall-themed gatherings with family and friends are a few events that make the month a New England favorite for many. If you are looking to spruce up your space with the best decor this season, look no further than the elegant interior decorating service, Watson Elsberry Designs. Led by the power duo, Katie Watson and Nancy Elsberry, their approach to design curates beautiful rooms turning your house into a home. Their experience with every single one of their clients leaves a personalized touch and fulfills your room decorating dreams. Greenwich Lifestyle caught up with the two inspiring women to find out more about their style sense. 

GL: What makes Watson Elsberry Designs unique? What types of services do you offer?

Watson Elsberry Designs is unique in that our approach to each client is driven by them. We take cues from each individual in order to make sure that we create spaces tailored specifically to the client. We like to say that we take everyone's style and elevate it to the best possible place. We are also a very family-orientated business, taking into consideration what is best for each family. Our spaces need to be functional for everyone. We use our collective 45+ years of experience to give the clients the best possible experience and outcome all while having fun!

GL: What have been some of your favorite projects that you have worked on? 

We love all of our projects! We have a lot of fun doing projects in Tahoe, San Francisco, Dallas, Palm Beach and Rhode Island as well as clients in Fairfield County and New York City. Our most recent challenge, which proved to be very interesting and exciting, was designing a house remotely, we never stepped inside the space due to the pandemic! 

GL: Our November issue is our “Thankful” edition, what are you both most thankful for this year with your business? 

We are thankful for our families, friends, and our business. We are thankful for wonderful clients who trust us implicitly. We are thankful for our partnership and our friendship.  

GL: Why did you decide to team up together to build your business?

We decided to team up because we thought the idea of a person with 35 years and a person with 15 years would appeal to the masses and we were right! People love our different approaches as well as how we come together on all aspects of design.

GL: What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

Our biggest accomplishment, by far, is coming together to create Watson Elsberry Designs!!

To learn more about the services at Watson Elsberry Designs you can visit their website here: watsonelsberrydesigns.com

Or follow them on Instagram: @watsonelsberrydesigns

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