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Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Tile tailored to your home and personality

As a young girl, Adrienne Gallmann enjoyed curating rock collections, so it seems only appropriate that she now works with tile and other hard surface materials. A senior designer, commercial job specialist and showroom manager for Short Hills Marble & Tile, she spends her days bringing marbles, stones and other hard surface materials into homes and businesses to enhance the look and feel of their indoor and outdoor spaces.

“Everyone on staff has interior design backgrounds, and our showroom has a homey, comfortable vibe,” says Adrienne. “We want people to have a good experience when they come in. But, we don't just sell from the showroom - we go out and do onsite consultations. People really look to us for guidance.” 

They work with very reputable vendors that have high quality materials, and carry merchandise at different price points. Once the tile is chosen, a CAD drawing is formulated so buyers can see exactly how it will look in their space. “We're also going to start offering a la carte services like 3D renderings,” she says.

Their team can do the installation or provide great referrals too. “We also work very diligently with contractors and other designers to make sure all the communication is there. No stone is left unturned - no pun intended!”

Short Hills Marble & Tile is also a direct importer, so it has an incredible amount of inventory available. “Our sister company, Allstone, a wholesale division, imports tile from around the world and they sell to about 250 showrooms throughout the U.S.”

Marble and other white materials are still in high demand. “People like to go a little bit more classic with the hard finishes and then introduce color in a fabric or another medium.”

As an experienced designer, Adrienne can put together a look using materials on hand, or if someone comes in with fabric or a rug with a design they love, she can literally recreate that design in a tile format. “It's fun because I can take their vision, transfer it into my vision and see it every step of the way from drawing out the mosaics, to sending it to the factory, to seeing the sample, to production, to installation.”

She adds, “I love meeting different people and understanding their dynamics and backgrounds. It's a gratifying experience to give somebody something that they will truly love for years to come.”

  • Photo by Lauren Anzevino
  • Photo by Lauren Anzevino
  • Photo by Lauren Anzevino