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Essential Reads To Inspire You In 2024

Article by Adrianne Carnes & Aubrey Matson

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

The saying is ubiquitous in January: “New year, new me!” The pressure is on to pursue some kind of renewal — and to do it fast. But the truth is that every individual grows in their own way and at their own pace. With this in mind, why not enter the new year in a different format of self-reflection? Reading an inspiring, motivating, challenging, or otherwise entertaining book. Adrianne Carnes at The Boerne Bookshop sorted through all the titles on the shelves and pulled two powerful, inspirational reads along with a new year novel to make sure we can have some fun in our pursuit of self-improvement. So check out these favorite reads that will help you feel renewed and inspired for the year ahead.

Atomic Habits
By James Clear
This may be the ultimate guide to disposing of bad habits and creating good ones. James Clear, a renowned expert on all things habit-making, provides a clear and transformative guide on how to create good habits and keep them for the rest of your life.

The Four Agreements
By Don Miguel Ruiz
Based on ancient Toltec teaching, Don Miguel Ruiz takes you on a journey through four foundational pillars of wisdom in pursuit of a more peaceful way of living. The Four Agreements is a self-improvement guide and a manual for interacting with the world in the best possible way.

Oona Out of Order
By Margarita Montimore
It's New Year’s Eve, and 19-year-old Oona is excited for the future that’s right in front of her. But as the clock strikes midnight, Oona awakens in an entirely new place with a completely different group of people. Come along for the ride as she learns to embrace life to the fullest, even if it's out of order.

Atomic Habits
James Clear
$27 (hardcover)

The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz
$12.95 (paperback)

Oona Out of Order
Margarita Montimore
$17.99 (paperback)

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