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Supplemental Academic Support To Students Based On Individual Needs, Plus Opening World of Options Beyond Classrooms

When students struggle with learning, Tutor Doctor of Frisco and McKinney educational consultants can assist them in achieving their personal goals, along with their academic potential, says Sandy Tutwiler, owner/education consultant of the local Tutor Doctor franchise.

"What I know to be true, is that when students struggle academically, the stress of not understanding or keeping up with the class can be crippling. Over time, this will lead to a complete loss in confidence, both in and out of the classroom," shares Sandy. 

Tutor Doctor was created in 2000 by educator and business entrepreneur John Hooi to help fill gaps in learning through custom lesson plans and personalized tutoring. Tutors offer in-home and online consulting options. 

Sandy says her passion for education began early in her life. "I began tutoring friends in high school in my sophomore year and continued tutoring through my junior year of college for the university’s learning center. My favorite moments tutoring were when my students would call me after an exam to tell me they actually knew how to work the math problems. You could hear the excitement and confidence in their voice.

"This wasn’t just helping them get through a class, it was changing their lives."

She says her passion for mentoring and developing people also was a huge part of her corporate life. "I led successful teams through major projects and strategic initiatives for a Fortune 500 company for over 25 years. I believe anyone can achieve their goals and dreams with a positive attitude, hard work, and having a strong support network around you. When the opportunity came along to open a Tutor Doctor office, I jumped at the chance to offer this very important resource to parents and students."

Tutor Doctor educators partner with teachers and parents to become the support networks that students need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world, Sandy adds. 

"Getting to truly know students and their families is one of the real differences in our education consulting services," says Sandy.

She asserts that it's a perfect time to establish sessions regarding SAT/ACT/ISEE test preparations, adding that they tutor one-on-one and in students' homes where students are most comfortable and poised to learn. Newer to Tutor Doctor preparation offerings is ISEE, which stands for Independent School Entrance Examination. It was created in 2006 with four levels: Primary for entrance to grades 2–4; Lower for entrance in grades 5–6; Middle for entrance in grades 7–8; Upper for entrance in grades 9–12. 

"After a thorough search, I found a solid ISEE curriculum in which we're confident," she adds. "Due to these test levels covering multiple grades, it's a delicate balance between embellishing what students already know versus teaching them new subject matter. For example, math has a progression. You really have to watch how you're building on it. We assist based on how we see each student work."

Regardless of the test type, Sandy says the tutors start with a practice test on the first day to see where a student is at with knowledge and recall. "From then on, we focus on what they really need to work on, periodically taking more practice tests. We also assist with test strategy, discussing time management and how to pace oneself during testing."

Sandy says Tutor Doctor instructors also assist homeschooled students, particularly in math and science subjects. 

Many students learned very well during the online, virtual education platforms made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Sandy says many students also fell behind. "Some students are more visual learners, or are dealing with ADHD and focus challenges. Some do better in small group settings. Students with these learning styles may be feeling lost, so we help them realign."

She says because class sizes have increased since the pandemic due to fewer teachers, tutors are fulfilling a specific niche related to time-strapped school teachers as well. 

"We all celebrate student successes along the way, sometimes through high fives or singing, sometimes just through sharing a common lingo or inside jokes," she confides. "In the end, we're teaching students how to unlock their potential, along with ways to solve problems and filling them with confidence."

Regarding questions from parents, Sandy says it's about explaining how each unique initiative works and how long it may take to witness results. "We first work on making good, informed decisions regarding how to best help each child. We generally make steady progress, but it can take a couple of months to see students' turnaround."

"What we do typically see right away is an increase in school classroom participation, less headaches and stomach aches, and many more smiling students," she confirms. "And they no longer hate going to school, which is wonderful." 


Sandy shares 'the Tutor Doctor Difference' comes from:

  1. TD Process:  
    "Our first step is to listen carefully and assess. We make the right matches with tutors who enjoy similar interests and have related experiences, areas of need and strength and subject matter. We communicate throughout the process, and provide support by personalizing the tutoring through customized programs."
  2. TD Tutors:
    "We hire tutors based on skills and using a five-phase recruitment process, including face-to-face interviews, safety/background checks and contacting references. We also hire tutors based on personalities geared toward helping humanity and serving others, which we believe equips them for success."
  3. TD Mission and Values:
    "The mission is to change the trajectory of students’ lives.The principles that shape how students are supported and treated include understanding, curiosity, ingenuity, ownership and grit. We live our mission."
  4. TD Customization: 
    "Each of our tutoring programs is tailored specifically for each student, whether a tutoring project or test prep. In-home or online tutoring sessions are available, based on each student's comfort level and learning preferences. We adjust to all types of learners with all types of goals."

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