This is Anti-Technology

Two Gifted Artists, Two Traditional Art Forms, And a Shared Love of Genuine Craftsmanship

What do you get when you combine two gifted artists, two traditional art forms, and a shared love of genuine craftsmanship?  You end up with a unique experience that celebrates anti-technology.  We recently had the pleasure to collaborate with Don Jones.  Just as Greeley Hat Works creates custom hats using the same tools and techniques as hatmakers one hundred years ago, Don creates collodion silver wet plate photographs using the same process and tools as photographers of the past.  The respect and passion for these crafts honors the history and community that springs from both.  

1)The conformateur, a French designed tool that dates back to the 1840’s, is used to measure the size and shape of a customer’s head for a truly custom fit.  When placed on the head, a series of pins punch small holes in a card that give an exact outline of your head shape and size.  To this day, there is no better way to get a custom fit, and it remains the best technology (or anti-technology) in hat making.

2) At Greeley Hat Works we do things the old way.  The tools, materials and processes we use have been handed down through generations of hat makers.  Our flagship store in Greeley, Colorado also houses our vast collection of vintage hat making supplies, some dating back to the turn of the century.

3) Today, just as it was in the past, a hat is equal parts fashion and function. Our friend Mike Lee, a cowboy and brand inspector, has been modeling hats for us for over two decades. 

4)Trent Johnson, owner and master hat maker, is dedicated to keeping the traditional tools, process, and history central to everything we do at Greeley Hat Works. We are passionate about making hats the old-fashioned way and we don’t intend to change.

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