Two Infinity And Beyond

A Perfect Premo Party For Remy

Article by Delia Jo Ramsey

Photography by Rachel Oxford Collective

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

It's all in the details. And there were light-years of fun details at every turn at Remy Premo's second birthday party with the theme:  Two Infinity and Beyond. The son of beloved glam-Boho fashion/lifestyle influencer and Nashville native Hunter Premo and her high-school-sweetheart husband and photographer Cam Premo, Remy's second birthday party was inspired by his love for all things Toy Story. Hunter shared specific details with Brentwood Lifestyle about the planning that went into this special day.

The party looked absolutely amazing. What inspired the idea and how did you set about planning it? Did you use a party planner or is that all you? 

Remy inspired the party with his love of Toy Story (specifically Buzz)! I planned everything, but couldn’t have executed it without the help from my husband, Cameron, and our families. 

About how many people attended and how do you decide who to invite? 

We had about 40 adults and 20 kids at the party. I have a pretty big family, and we live in a neighborhood with many friends so it added up quickly. We made sure all of Remy’s favorite people were there, and he felt all the love that day.

How did it feel as a mom to watch Remy enjoy his special day. What were his favorite parts of the party? 

Two feels like a magical age where Remy’s personality and fun-loving spirit shines more and more each day. He loved his Buzz wings and didn’t take them off during the whole party, playing with his friends in the bounce house and having all of his people in one place. 

What activities did you have for the kids?

For the kids, we had a bounce house from Vlanca House Nashville, Make-Your-Own Forky Station, a giant custom coloring page and a Bullseye horse race. 

What sorts of food did you serve? 

We served pizza (from Pizza Planet, of course!), appetizers and Toy Story-themed items, like Mr. Potato head cantaloupes, custom cookies from Sips to Sugars and "Snake In My Boot" gummy worms. 

Cake details?

IveyCake in Brentwood created the amazing Buzz Lightyear cake. We did one layer of strawberry and one layer of funfetti. I sent them a few photos for inspiration, but they really ran with it and made it their own. I especially loved the custom Remy cake topper.

Do you find joy in creating/hosting these sort of events? Or does it stress you? 

I had a blast planning this one! If it’s a theme I’m excited about, party planning comes easily to me. Toy Story was fun to run with because the movies have so many details you can pull from. 

How do you keep the adults happy at a child’s bday party? 

TapTruck Nashville served the most delicious drinks. We had Buzz Light Beer, Pizza Planet IPA, Woody’s Watermelon Marg, Duke Caboom’s Cucumber Fizz and Lightyear Lemonade. 

And specific vendors you’d like to shout out or mention?

Magari Events did a phenomenal job on the balloon installation and cake backdrop. Sips to Sugars created the most detailed and delicious cookies. We also love Alpha Lit Signs for the marquee letters and have used them for almost every major milestone in Remy’s life, even our mid-pandemic drive-by baby shower. 

What memories do you have of that you’ll never forget? 

I’ll never forget his face when he saw the 5 foot Buzz Lightyear cutout with his face on it or singing 'Happy Birthday' to him with with all of our family and friends gathered around us. This was also one of the first bigger parties we’ve hosted at our house and it made my heart happy having so many loved ones together to celebrate in our home. 

What was your most memorable birthday when you were a child? 

Honestly, my parents threw most of my parties at the Brentwood Skate Center, and loved every minute of them. It really is just all about being surrounded by the people you love. None of the fancy stuff really matters, but they can be fun to plan. 

Hunter on Instagram/TikTok @hunterpremo
Blog:  HunterPremo.com

Party Vendors:

Photos – Rachel Oxford Collective

Marquee Sign – Alpha Lit Nashville

Cups, Water Bottle Labels, Baseball Hats – Sprinkled With Pink

Balloons and Cake Backdrop – Magari Events

Bounce House and Ball Pit – The Vlanca House Nashville

Toy Story Cookies – Sips to Sugars

Buzz Lightyear Cake – Ivey Cake

Drinks and Truck – Tap Truck Nashville

Custom Coloring Page – Creative Crayon Workshop

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