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Ukrainian Twins Prove that Two is Better Than One

Efficient organization and acrobatics: two acts requiring precision and technique

The past two years have taught us the importance of health, family, and emotional well-being. This Thanksgiving, identical Ukrainian twins and business owners Tatyana and Svetlana Senchihina  are thankful for their freedom and safety. They send their thoughts and prayers to their family and friends whose safety lies in wait due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Born in Ukraine, Tatyana and Svetlana grew up on the shores of the Ukrainian Black Sea. At age five, the sisters joined the competitive world of Sports Acrobatic, a competitive discipline in which pairs or groups perform routines consisting of acrobatic skills and dance. The word Acrobatic comes from the Greek word Acrobateo, meaning to rise or go forth. The sport requires human feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination.

"When we were 13, we left our parents and family in Ukraine to attend the best Olympic school in Kyiv. For three years, we trained in Kyiv to become two-time world champions of Acro Sports while only seeing our parents once every six months," explained Tatyana and Svetlana.

At age 16, Tatyana and Svetlana were invited to perform for Cirque du Soleil, and in 1998 the sisters began their professional careers as performing artists for Cirque du Soleil's "O" at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. While living in Las Vegas, the sisters lived with an American family as they trained, worked, and learned to speak English. Years later, Tatyana and Svetlana joined Saltimbanco. A touring show by Cirque du Soleil, Saltimbanco was performed under large circus tents called the Grand Chapiteau. With Saltimbanco, the sisters traveled the world as part of the show's world-famous Duo Trapeze Act.

As with many of us, Tatyana and Svetlana's careers came to a standstill in March 2020 when the lights went out on the Las Vegas Strip and “O” temporarily stopped. “While waiting out fate to return back to "O," our dreams were crushed when management decided to no longer pursue our act. Like many people, we had to rethink other passionate career opportunities,” the sisters said.

Tatyana and Svetlana soon found themselves inspired by what they loved to do while home. For the sisters, this focuses on creating a beautifully organized life at home. With encouragement from a dear friend, the sisters started their organizing business, Two Organized.

As with acrobatics, creating organized and beautiful spaces naturally suited Tatyana and Svetlana. With their natural talent came the finely tuned ability to work hard and strive toward perfection. Developed at an early age from years of training as professional athletes and later as artists with Cirque du Soleil, Tatyana and Svetlana's strong work ethic transferred into their new careers as owners of Two Organized. "We have been taught to make everything pristine with perfection, which carries over to how we run our lifestyle business," Tatyana and Svetlana added.

The Two Organized website is stylish, clean, and polished. Seamless to navigate, the site walks one through the process of hiring Two Organized. Edited images of neatly organized pantries, closets, and living spaces guide one through the four-step process, which includes a phone consultation, in-home assessment, working session(s), and maintenance.

Tatyana and Svetlana base each project on the client's budget and needs. Two Organized begins by talking with the client about their priorities and the scope of work needed. After the sisters visit the space and take photos and measurements, they create a detailed plan for the client. The working session begins with Two Organized tackling the area by sorting, categorizing, and working with the client to determine what stays and will be donated or thrown away. Once the project is complete, Two Organized is available to return to help the client maintain and enjoy their space. The result is a simple, efficient, and elegant space that maximizes each client's unique lifestyle.

A previous client shared: "Not only have they lived up to my hopes, but their work has also exceeded expectations. Tatyana and Svetlana are a joy to work with and have taken my home to the next level and will have them come back to maintain my home on a regular basis." Proving that two Ukrainian sisters’ precision and technique are better than one.