Uncluttered Haven

Breathing Room, Light It Up, Mirror Universe & Naked!

There’s always at least one or more rooms in the house where it feels a little cramped and closed-in, and we wish we could knock out a wall or two to get some elbow room. That’s not always an option, so here are a few simple, but surprisingly dramatic design ideas that can turn a small burrow into a fresh and uncluttered haven.

Breathing Room

Sometimes ‘negative space’ can actually be a positive; pushing furniture up against the walls and corners or having too much furniture can overwhelm and clutter up the room, making you feel like you’re in a Hobbit hole. Try to avoid bulky, heavy pieces like overstuffed chairs and sofas, and consider using furniture that’s lower to the ground (mid-century furniture designs are perfect for this!). These ideas help create height and space in between and above. You’ll literally have more room to breathe.

Light It Up

It’s a simple thing but using light colors on the walls creates an airy, open vibe that eliminates the claustrophobic cave feeling. You can always use darker accents and contrasts – such as artwork and bookshelves, for instance, just to give it some depth. You’d be surprised what letting in some light does to expand and enliven even the smallest room to make it seem more spacious.

Mirror Universe

It’s a trick on the eyes but reflecting the room in a mirror really makes an impact not only in giving the impression of a bigger area, but also bouncing even more light around the room. The best place to hang one is directly opposite a window if you have one, but if not, place it where it reflects any light source, and it’ll make a big difference.


Undress your floors and windows! Large or shaggy rugs are space-stealers and can fill up a small space really fast. Ditto curtains and heavy treatments; they block out light, obstruct your view outside, and shrink the room. Keep it simple and minimal; if you want rugs, try using something made with bamboo, jute, or a similar material. Bamboo blinds are also fantastic for the windows and add depth as well. If drapes are a must for privacy reasons, hanging them a foot or so above the window and closer to the ceiling gives the illusion of height while also allowing natural light to come in.

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