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Unique Style of Local Hoods

In 1998, owner of Bitchin’ Hoods, David Jakopic, found “a corduroy hat at the bottom of a box at a thrift store in Glenwood Springs. [...] I fell in love with it.” This was just the beginning, as years later, in 2002, David would dream of making these corduroy hats, numbering each one, and selling them. Not until 2005, when his wife bought him his first sewing machine, did the dream become reality. Finally, after 24 long years, David started releasing his hoods to the public, in September of 2022. 

“I am the only one who designs and makes every hat. All made of corduroy, numbering each in numerical order, not duplicating any, essentially making them 1 of 1.” Not only is each unique, but practically unreplicable with free handed embroidery and a majority of vintage (pre-2k) corduroy. 

Find David online at, or markets and music festivals across Colorado.  

  • Editor Sailor Rule with Owner David and his wife at local farmer's market outside Denver Union Station
  • David and Janna Jakopic