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Unlocking the Potential of Your Furry Friend

Canine Counseling's Path to Understanding, Empowerment, and Transformative Growth

Located in the vibrant and family-oriented Smyrna Vinings Area of Atlanta, Canine Counseling offers support and guidance for dog owners. Founded by passionate and experienced canine behavior specialist, Frankie Jackson, this business offers unique services that go beyond training alone. With an emphasis on education, scientific research, and positive reinforcement, Canine Counseling aims to empower clients by providing them with the knowledge and tools to understand and address their dog's behavior at its core.

Canine Counseling was born out of Frankie’s deep-rooted love for dogs and their well-being. As a veterinary nurse with a profound interest in canine behavior, she recognized the need to establish a business dedicated to the holistic understanding and treatment of behavioral issues. Inspired by her own journey and fueled by the desire to make a lasting impact, she embarked on this endeavor upon moving to Atlanta from England in 2021. Canine Counseling emerged as a platform for education, compassionate guidance, and positive change in the lives of dogs and their owners.

What sets Canine Counseling apart from its competitors is Frankie’s unwavering commitment to coaching and empowering clients. Going beyond mere behavioral modifications, Frankie prioritizes teaching clients the underlying causes behind their dog's behavior, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of their furry companions. By emphasizing education and providing scientifically-backed strategies, Canine Counseling facilitates long-lasting behavioral transformations without resorting to harsh punishment.

Clients of Canine Counseling can expect a truly exceptional and personalized experience. Frankie understands the uniqueness of every dog-owner relationship and strives to create a judgment-free and blame-free environment. Through open and meaningful conversations, she encourages clients to share what makes their dogs special, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their needs. Canine Counseling's sessions are tailored to each client's specific circumstances, including their lifestyles, schedules, limitations, and abilities. This holistic approach fosters an atmosphere of trust, support, and effective learning.

Canine Counseling is more than just a dog training service; it is a gateway to understanding, compassion, and transformative growth for both dogs and their owners. Frankie Jackson provides a unique blend of education, scientific research, and positive reinforcement. By empowering clients with the tools to comprehend and address their dog's behavior at its core, Canine Counseling ensures lasting results and a flourishing human-canine bond.

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  • Frankie with her dog Rook