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"Discover the Den"

Lone Wolf Brewing Co., unwind, connect, and indulge. Where flavors, friends and frosty brews create lasting memories.

Discover a unique haven for dining, relaxation, and camaraderie in North Orange County – welcome to "The Den" at Lone Wolf Brewing Co. Embark on a journey to a place where flavorsome fare, frosty craft beers, and warm vibes converge. The moment you step through our doors, you're invited to unwind and connect with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

The vision was clear to Joe, Jay, and Tim when they first explored the expansive 6700-square-foot interior and 1700-square-foot covered patio of this extraordinary venue back in 2021. They knew instantly that it was destined to become the perfect hub for forging connections, surrounded by both familiar faces and newfound friends, becoming part of the Lone Wolf pack.

Joe encapsulates the spirit perfectly: "Lone Wolf was created as a place you can unwind, relax, and howl at the moon." A trio of friends crafted an environment where patrons can truly let loose. The allure of "The Den" has transformed it into a home for those in search of exceptional cuisine, outstanding libations, captivating music, and above all, exceptional company.

Step away from phone screens and embrace your community at our expansive communal tables. Let the kids play games or bring your furry friend for a relaxing afternoon on our spacious patio. Our revamped menu, featuring affordable lunch options, guarantees a new favorite dish every time you visit.

Kick off the party with tantalizing starters like Wilderness Nachos, a Giant Bavarian Pretzel, Ceviche, or Eddie's Cauliflower Wings. Dive into a world of flavors with soups and salads that complement main courses such as Baja Fish Tacos, a Spicy Meatball Sandwich, Buffalo Hot Chicken Sandwich, Italian Hoagie, and more.

For the burger aficionados, our selection boasts six enticing options, including the Wilderness Western Burger, The Den Sliders, Mushroom & Provolone Burger, and the tantalizing Sweet Heat Burger. Indulge in a variety of New York-Style pizzas, ranging from Prosciutto and Buffalo Chicken to Margherita and Alpha Carnivore.

At Lone Wolf, monotony is unheard of. Our menu evolves and expands, shaped by the desires of our vibrant community. "Crafting exceptional beers from around the world and our very own backyard sets us apart. With the finest ingredients, we take pride in our craft beer and culinary offerings. Listening to our community and patrons drives our innovation," Joe affirms.

The festivities unfold nightly with dynamic events, from live music performances and Open Mic nights to engaging trivia battles and themed evenings like Cigar Mondays and Drunk Theatre Thursdays. Stay tuned for College Nights with enticing drink and food specials on Thursdays, while Fridays groove with DJ entertainment inside The Den.

Sports enthusiasts, your ship has come in! Catch every moment on our 10 expansive screens – 2 colossal 80" screens inside and 4 outdoors, dedicated to local and fan-favorite matchups. There's never a dull moment at The Den, with every seat offering a prime view.

Before you depart, browse our Lone Wolf store for exclusive merchandise, featuring everything from wolf-inspired earrings, stylish tees, and trendy trucker hats to cozy beanies, elegant wine glasses, and classic pub glasses. Online shopping is also available for your convenience.

"Yorba Linda, known as the 'Land of Gracious Living,' has embraced the Wolf in ways only nature could explain." We're thrilled to host your special events, be it birthday parties, family gatherings, team events, community events, work parties, holiday parties,  bridal celebrations, baby showers, or bachelor/bachelorette parties. Reach out to us and let us create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

"If you're seeking a welcoming space to unwind and have a blast, come join us. Sit down, savor a cold brew, or a glass of wine, relish a fantastic meal, engage in video games, root for your beloved sports team, or challenge a friend to a game of pool. We're eager to meet you." If you've visited before, explore all that's fresh; if you're new to "The Den," ask for Joe, Jay, or Tim – a warm welcome awaits!

"With the finest ingredients, we take pride in our craft beer and culinary offerings. Listening to our community and patrons drives our innovation," Joe affirms.