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Upgrading Smartly

The upside to enhancing your home

Pouring a bit of love into a home through upgrades, both big and small, adds up to providing large returns on investment when it comes to home values. Ben Huso, owner of Huso Construction, works with homeowners on additions, remodels, and a variety of home improvement projects that bring both aesthetic and financial value to a home.

Ben, who grew up helping his father in construction doing fire and water restoration projects, remembers the significant transformations he saw take place. One specific restoration project left a deep impression on him that stayed with him throughout his career.

“It was shocking going into a house and seeing that a candle the size of an energy drink basically destroyed it, including the basement. It was still salvageable, but the damage was extensive,” he shared. “I was awed at how it went from black, damaged, and destroyed to where you couldn’t even tell something had happened. I really loved it.”

At first, Ben simply enjoyed construction as a summer job with his dad and did not pursue a career in the field. Years later, he has returned to construction and specializes in transforming homes to enhance homeowners’ quality of life while also increasing the home’s value. It is a process he still finds fulfilling.

“I enjoy meeting homeowners, hearing their stories, and developing a relationship with them over the course of a project,” he said. “I love talking with them about the project, hearing the excitement in their voice, and taking their ideas for a project and watching it come to life.”

With experience working on homes at all stages of construction, Huso Construction provides a wide range of services for residential and commercial projects, including interior and exterior painting, installing all types of flooring, and working on roofs and gutters. He also works with homeowners on insurance damage claims, making the restoration process as seamless and stress free as possible.

One of Huso Construction’s areas of expertise is creating beautiful outdoor living spaces which blend seamlessly with the home, appearing to be part of the original construction. Since many houses lack outdoor living spaces, he frequently hears positive feedback from friends and neighbors of clients who notice the additions.

“A lot of these communities are new homes and new builds. Homeowners spend the majority of their money inside the home making it nice and pretty, but they neglect the outside and they don't have outdoor living spaces,” he explained. “I've seen patio covers add value to the home because it may be the only house on that street that has a beautiful backyard living space. The house’s value is going to go up and, when it’s time to sell, everybody is going to want that house because it has that extra wow factor.”

Huso Construction not only specializes in building patios and outdoor kitchens, but also works with designing and installing stained and decorative stamped concrete, which adds a unique, eye-catching touch to an outdoor space.

“There are different ways we can make your concrete different from everybody else,” said Ben. “We can stain it using one of the many choices of colors available and stamp it a variety of ways, as well. Concrete is one of those projects where we can really customize it to make it fit your home and budget.”

Whether the project is major or minor, Ben encourages homeowners to pursue their desired upgrade as it will inevitably add value to their home. Something as simple as adding new hardware on kitchen cabinets or freshening up the interior and exterior of the home with a coat of paint elevates the aesthetic and financial value. He also suggests removing carpet and installing new floors throughout the home. 

“Those little investments will help you get the maximum for your asking price because the potential homeowner is coming in and not having to make a list of the things they need to repair or replace,” he explained.  

When working with a contractor, Ben recommends asking a lot of questions to make sure everyone understands the vision and goals and keeping the lines of communication open throughout the project. 

“I treat my customers like they are family,” he said. “I want them to be comfortable around me and know that they can ask me anything. I always tell people that there are no stupid questions. Even if you think it isn’t relevant, I’d rather you ask and let me reassure you.”

Connect with Huso Construction by visiting or by calling 682-587-9612. See finished projects, read customer reviews, and book a consultation through the company’s Facebook page @husoconstruction.

“I enjoy meeting homeowners, hearing their stories, and developing a relationship with them over the course of a project.”

“I treat my customers like they are family. I want them to be comfortable around me and know that they can ask me anything."

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