Unlocking Peace and Tranquility

How Urban Meditation Incorporates Mindfulness Daily

Article by Annalisa Sawick and Hillarie Finley

Photography by Maverick Marketing

Originally published in Carmel City Lifestyle

Amidst the fast-paced nature of modern life and a growing presence of stress, people need inner peace more than ever. In 2020, Tina Hallett and Kristy Paul opened Urban Meditation in Indianapolis with a simple goal: use the method that transformed their lives and make meditation accessible to everyone. Since then, they’ve empowered the wellness movement and shown impressive dedication to their practice.

Urban Meditation’s environment is more than a place of peace. Its boutique-style atmosphere and lava rock floors accommodate up to eight people for 30-minute meditation sessions. Tina and Kristy’s mission to make meditation accessible and understandable to all is clear to people who set foot in the building.

Keeping it Simple

Kristy and Tina believe meditation should feel easy, so they lead 16 classes a day. When students arrive, they are greeted and guided into the studio floor. Staff ensures they feel comfortable and relaxed, and all meditations are completed lying down. 

Students select a nine-piece crystal set to use during the session and may take those crystals home at the end so they can take a piece of the peace with them. Each meditation is carefully curated and should feel like a peaceful break amidst a busy day.

Although Tina’s new catchphrase for Urban Meditation is “I want to be your 30 minutes,” she wants clients to focus within. Whether they crave peace, rest, happiness, clarity, or something else, Kristy and Tina aim to give clients the space to reflect and gain a deeper self-understanding.

Meditation is for everyone. Busy professionals, caring parents, dedicated students, or anyone seeking inner peace can find inner peace through meditation. It’s common for people to want to become the best version of themselves in the new year, and focusing on the self and external energy can help people grow when they previously felt stuck.

Linking the Mind and Soul

Tina and Kristy’s focus at Urban Meditation is more than relaxing the body. The pair wants their clients to feel mentally and emotionally relaxed. Tina encourages crystal cleansing to purify the mind, body, and spirit to reset one’s goals or intentions.

Another benefit of meditation is that it promotes long-term mental well-being. With regular practice, people find it easier to stay mindful and easily manage stressful situations.

Moving Forward

Kristy and Tina’s passion for their work at Urban Meditation is directly linked to combatting modern society's stressors. It’s no secret that people want to shed their old selves on December 31 and start anew. A new year means new opportunities, and they love embracing the excitement of a fresh start.

Finding peace takes work, with a constant stream of information being thrown at us. Evolutionarily speaking, humans simply aren’t built for the modern world. Urban Meditation allows people to drop in and relax during each guided session.

Finding Peace

Losing oneself during stressful moments and life events is easy, but meditation can help people see the bigger picture. An event that seems like a setback can mean new opportunities.

“Sometimes, when things seem like they’re going wrong, it’s because something great is around the corner.”

Join Kristy at the Indianapolis location at 8487 Union Chapel Rd Suite 780, Indianapolis, IN 46240, for a life-changing journey towards a higher self. At Urban Meditation, everyone is welcome to join for 30 minutes and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere on their way to personal and spiritual growth.

I want to be your 30 minutes.

Sometimes, when things seem like they’re going wrong, it’s because something great is around the corner.

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