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Expertise, Advocacy and Breaking the Silence on Colon Cancer

Urbana GI - Leading the Charge in Colon Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Colon cancer stands as the third most prevalent form of cancer globally and ranks as the second leading cause of cancer-related fatalities. March, dedicated to colon cancer awareness, emphasizes the importance of proactive practices for colon cancer prevention.  

The optimal strategy for preventing colon cancer lies in initiating screenings at the appropriate age. This method not only identifies but also averts cancer by detecting and eliminating pre-cancerous polyps before they evolve. With rates on the rise in young adults, screenings should start at the age of 45 for the majority, and potentially earlier based on an individual's family medical background.

A combination of these screenings, maintaining a healthy weight, amplifying physical activity, reducing the intake of red and processed meats, and abstaining from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can protect us from colon cancer.

Recognizing the early symptoms of colon cancer is crucial for timely intervention and effective treatment, but many times individuals overlook digestive discomfort as they may feel apprehensive to talk about it. Common warning signs include persistent changes in bowel habits, unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain or discomfort, blood in the stool, fatigue, and a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying. 

Urbana GI is breaking barriers and continuing to play a critical role in prevention. Located on the same premises as the Endoscopy Center, consultations before scheduling procedures provide patients with the convenience of addressing any questions or concerns while being guided through the procedural expectations.

Together, let us stride boldly into a future where colon cancer symptoms, checkups and screenings are no longer shrouded in silence or taboo, but rather surfaces to amplify prevention, resilience, and heightened awareness.

Dr. Sivasailam, a board-certified, fellowship-trained gastroenterologist, is privileged to play a pivotal role in her patients' health and life journeys at Urbana GI. She approaches patient care with a friendly and calm demeanor and strives to create an environment where patients feel at ease sharing their stories.

"I want to collaborate with patients to come to a care plan that we both feel confident and comfortable with," Dr. Sivasailam emphasizes. "I feel strongly that patient care needs to be individualized for every unique person."

  • Barathi Sivasailam, MD