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Vacationing Made Unique

Take Vacationing to an Entirely New Level With These Unrivaled Vacation Ideas

Article by Heather Davis

Photography by Melea Nieto, Nieto Marketing/Kelly Blum/Lisa O'Neill/Provided

Originally published in The Woodlands City Lifestyle


Nothing screams summertime like a relaxing vacation without a singular care in the world. There are no phone calls from work or places to be, only the longing for relaxation. Tanning on crystal clear Florida beaches, hustling through the thick crowds at Disney, and jumping into cozy lakes become frequently visited vacation spots. While these trips create fond memories for the entire family, what if a unique twist was put on the vacation experience? For your summer plans, consider these three unconventional yet thrilling expeditions!


Do you have a baseball-loving friend or family member or someone who loves to explore new places? Look no further than taking a ballpark tour throughout the United States at the top MLB stadiums! Whether you are a die-hard fan or want to experience where baseball history was made, this trip is sure to excite the inner sports fan. The beauty in scouting out all the major league ballparks is the ability to plan the trip your own way on your own schedule. Several tours throughout the U.S. are already curated for an easier and stress-free experience. Not only do they contain tickets and set dates for stadiums, but they also book hotels. For most ballpark tours, the trips are divided into three areas of the United States: Midwest, Southwest, and the East Coast. From the home stadiums of the Cubs and White Sox to the oldest stadium, Fenway in Boston, you and the family alike are sure to create an experience of a lifetime. Along with the stadiums, each of these tours contains around two to three famous landmarks that you will not want to miss! If you’re not quite the planner type, then you are in luck! The Wander Club created an easy-to-use Baseball Road Trip Planner that does all the planning for you! All you have to do is pick your teams, plan the days you are able to see your specifically picked teams, and the planner will give you a rough idea as to where and when you can see these teams. Even if you’re not a baseball or sports guru, the memories from these parks will last a lifetime!


If the heat of July is too much to bear, consider a refreshing trip on the lake renting a houseboat. Rentals are available for houseboats on almost every major lake in the United States. One such spot is right on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. Rentals range from half a day, an entire week, or just the weekend. Depending on where you rent your boat from, either you or a marina staff member will be manning the boat. Houseboat rentals such as Almost Home Houseboats contain a Presidential Series compiled of four boats that are 75 feet long by 16 feet wide and will comfortably sleep 14 people. To give a general idea of the luxury these boats offer, some of the houseboat amenities are a fully operating kitchen, a washer and dryer, a hot tub, a waterslide, a gas grill, fully-stocked linens for bed and bath, and central heat and air. They also have WiFi connections if needed. If these amenities are still not convincing enough, most houseboats also have the ability to hook up to other water activities like kayaking, jet skis, wakeboarding, and other water sports. Almost every marina has the ability to rent these items if they are not in your repertoire of boating equipment. When the discussion lands on food, having an operational kitchen means that groceries will be a must on this trip. Plan to go to the store right before boarding the houseboat as you will not be able to make a quick trip later. With open decks, you and your family can grill and stretch out under the sky and watch clouds passing by. At night, stargazing is a must to discover constellations. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, leave the houseboat and hike the trails around the lake for the full experience of nature. Renting a houseboat is one of the purest forms of rest and relaxation.


If you desire to sail the open sea, then we have another thrilling adventure that travelers will thoroughly enjoy. Sailing vacations are becoming increasingly more popular as the ability to take lessons is more readily available. Learning how to sail a sailboat is available through several programs that include hands-on sailing instruction. While learning how to man a sailboat, you will also be given the ability to be involved in various water activities like snorkeling, fishing, and visiting local attractions at nearby ports. Some people even see whales! Depending on the boat, you will either be lodging on your vessel or booked at a nearby hotel. According to American Sailing, San Diego is the hotspot when it comes to sailing schools. The best part overall is that you have the ability to earn American Sailing Association (ASA) certifications while vacationing on the open sea. Now, if learning to sail isn’t your cup of tea, then there are other sailing vacations that are similar to the houseboat rentals. Two types of sailing vacations are the bareboat charter and the captained charter. As the names imply, the difference is whether you would like a captain or not. With the bareboat charter, you are essentially left to your own devices. The charter company can offer maps, traveling tips and help plan excursions, but you essentially have the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want. While no crew members accompany you on your trip, you do have the ability to hire a chef or other crew members as you please. On the other hand, you can choose to take a captained charter trip where you are as hands-off as you prefer. The crew will have everything covered and might even take you to secret gems that only the locals know exist. Whether sailing or relaxing, both will hold lasting experiences that you will never forget.

  • Summertime on the lake!
  • Lots of fishing, jet skiing and water play when you vacation on a houseboat.
  • Charter a yacht and learn how to sail!
  • Open seas ahead!
  • Park and relax on the island shores within the lake!
  • Collect caps from each stadium on your ballpark tour!
  • Just one of the many MLB parks to visit!