Valentine’s Voila!

Make Valentine’s Day A Family Festivity With Crafts For Kiddos

Little ones love to be loved, don’t they? This Valentine’s Day, include the whole family in the celebration with this sweet treat table. Keep it simple with a few favorite snacks and candies, or for a more extravagant display, use fresh flowers and create a handmade centerpiece. The best part, it can all be used again.

The Table

Start by placing large greenery in a circle around the table. Then layer varying types of greenery on top of the first layer in shorter widths to achieve the final look. To finish, add mini cupcakes, chocolate-dipped Oreos, and themed cookies for a wonderfully inviting table of sweet treats.

The Tree
To create this easy (and eye-catching!) centerpiece, collect fallen branches from outside and paint them white. Use a thrifted, repurposed white ceramic jar to assemble the branches in for the base. Use a floral foam to stabilize the branches, and place moss at the top of the jar. This homemade tree can be used for any occasion—it’s sturdy, and just about anything can be hung on it.

The Ornaments
Create heart ornaments to hang on Valentine’s tree centerpiece. These ornaments could even be used as clue cards for a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. (Instruct children to find their picture on the tree and hunt for the hidden treasure in the house.) Use recycled shipping boxes to create the heart base and painted them red. Then use a hole punch to create a lace-like edge to complete the look.

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