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Valor on the Green

Enjoy the unique experience of golf simulators at veteran-owned Pin Seeker’s Golf Lounge

Ed Amadis is a husband, father, former Marine, dedicated educator, and now the proud owner of Pin Seeker’s Golf Lounge. From serving our country to serving up family fun, his path has been ultimately carved out by his passions.

As a first-generation American, Amadis had a profound sense of honor that propelled him into the military. Despite initially signing a six-year contract, his career extended over two decades, spanning countries like Argentina, Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

“At the seven-year mark, I got picked to become a drill instructor and was stationed at Parris Island. I was working 120 to 140 hours per week, sometimes 24 hours a day,” says Amadis. “It was a great experience, getting to mold these young men from all over America in three months into a well-oiled machine. By the end, they don’t want to leave.”

Even after retiring from the military, in his next chapter of life, Amadis set out to shape the next generation of leaders. Upon moving to Texas, he established a highly successful ROTC program at Henderickson High School in Pflugerville.

One thing he hammered home to his students was the question of whether they sit around counting days or make the days count. Amadis took that line to heart in October 2022, after envisioning a spot where groups could rent one-of-a-kind golf bays.

“Growing up, I was very athletic, but I wasn’t really exposed to golf. I played football, wrestled, and of course, being Dominican, I had to play baseball,” says Amadis. “When I was a drill instructor, though, a buddy asked me to go play on a course on the military base. I realized just how the challenging sport is and got addicted to it.”

Amadis has put a special twist on the beloved game through simulators at Pin Seeker’s. That said, even with 100,000 virtual golf courses, his business is more than a golf lounge with its multi-sport unit, skills challenges, and karaoke. Beyond that, it’s a community hub where you can come grab a bite to eat or get work done between rounds of classic yard games like cornhole.

“I’m here all the time, interacting with people and greeting them by name. I want it to be a laid-back, friendly, unintimidating place where anyone feels welcome,” says Amadis. “The most important thing is the customers and making sure they are taken care of.”

Swing by Pin Seeker’s at 6001 W Parmer Ln, Suite 230, Austin, and explore upcoming events and memberships at

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