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A photo of Paige Evatt on her website shows her laughing as her skirt flows in the wind, capturing the very essence of who she is. She’s fun. She’s admittedly wordy. She’s not afraid to ask questions and knows how to assert herself when necessary. Most of all, though, she truly wants her clients to be happy. It was this desire that led her away from her work practicing law as a pro bono project director–a career she loved and worked so hard to attain, but that no longer brought her happiness. 

Paige began her work as a photographer by providing complimentary photoshoots to clients in order to build a client base. Through repeat clients and word of mouth referrals, Paige’s business began to grow as she photographed seniors, families, and weddings and was subsequently interviewed about her transition from lawyer to photographer. Now, with a stunning brick-and-mortar studio to call her own and a loyal client base, Paige’s work speaks for itself. 

With admiration and gratitude to her husband, Tyler, Paige recalls how despite completing his engineering degree just three days before the birth of their son, he continuously encouraged her to do what made her happy. Thus, she packed up her things just days after returning from maternity leave, dropped off her keys and left with no idea of what would come next. While she says photography found her, Paige credits her husband with the inception of her career as he purchased a camera for her shortly after leaving her job. Having always loved taking photos and with an innate gift for it, Paige laughingly notes that the amount of money they spent on newborn photos might have also contributed to her newfound career path.

As a photographer myself, I jumped at the opportunity to cover Paige. Although her career as a photographer launched just a year before my own, Paige’s work quickly became something that I admired. With an impeccable eye for detail and an unmatched editing style, Paige’s courageous transition from a career as an established attorney to pursuing her passion for photography and spending more time with her family is truly inspiring. 

Regarding being a small business owner, Paige told us, “Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Many people focus on the wrong things.” While many people do not understand the cost of equipment, taxes, licensing, and other business expenses that make up the investment in high-quality photography, Paige realizes her value and continues to push through knowing that her work speaks for itself. 

Paige told us, “In my experience, if you spend time valuing people and building relationships, it will show through. In my work, people are the priority, and I hope that is what shows through more than anything else. It's in the moments when my clients are moved to tears and say, ‘I have never felt beautiful until now’ that I know I have accomplished just that.”

To learn more about Paige and Ivey Photo, visit: iveyphoto.com

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