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Vault Warehouse

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Vault Fostering Community

Providing Local Families With Assistance

Vault Fostering Community provides resources to local foster families who bravely open their homes by providing a safe and caring environment for children who desperately need it. Based in Boerne in collaboration with the Foster Care Ministry at First Baptist Church and with a warehouse in San Antonio, the not for profit organization that supports and equips foster families with essential items for emergency placements within the first 60 days.

Given only a few hours’ notice, Vault desires to rally alongside these families to lend essential items, provide a community and, equip local foster families with information and resources that they may need.

Vault Fostering Community was developed in January 2014 over coffee by co-founders Rachel Russo and Misty McElhannon Stout, who were discussing the orphan crisis. They rallied friends as they took the leap of faith into making a difference in the world by loving orphans the way God loves them.

The mission became to provide support for local foster families as they meet the need of foster children in this overwhelming process. “We cannot all be foster parents, but we can all be a part of ending the orphan crisis in some way. We hope to empower people as they step boldly into the foster care world and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. ”

"We began to dream about the resources we could provide to families and if we could alleviate even a small amount of chaos to local foster families … then maybe more people would be inclined to open their homes."

  • Vault Warehouse
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  • Vault Warehouse