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In a world filled with challenges, adversity, and hardships, there are those who rise above their own struggles to create a beacon of hope and support for others. One such inspiring individual is Jacob Niemeier, the visionary founder of Vera Aqua Vera Vita (VAVV), a remarkable nonprofit organization with a mission that not only provides clean water to those who need it but also transforms lives with opportunity and hope.

Jacob Niemeier's journey began on a life-changing mission trip to Haiti, where he witnessed the stark realities of water scarcity and contamination firsthand. It was a moment that would forever alter his path, igniting a deep sense of purpose and determination to make a meaningful impact. Seeing a woman collecting what was clearly visible as highly contaminated water, Jacob was profoundly moved by the daily struggles faced by communities lacking access to clean water - the most essential building block of life and a human right. Drawing on his background in water resources engineering, he recognized the urgent need for innovative solutions that could break the cycle of suffering and usher in a new era of hope.

VAVV's inception is a testament to Jacob's unwavering commitment to addressing water-related challenges with a blend of compassion and expertise. Inspired by his experiences and fueled by a desire to create lasting change, Jacob embarked on a journey to establish a service organization that would redefine the way we approach water scarcity and its far-reaching implications.

One of VAVV's most compelling success stories emerges from the community of Monte Castillo, in Piura, Peru where VAVV is currently working. Without access to clean water, this remote village of 7,000+ people was plagued by the devastating effects of waterborne illnesses for generations. For years, the community endured the burden of chronic health issues resulting from contaminated water sources, with a staggering 84% of residents facing the harsh realities of preventable diseases.

Enter VAVV!

The organization's transformative impact took root in Monte Castillo, where VAVV initiated its first project aimed at providing access to a clean and sustainable water solution. Through a collaborative effort that brought together local expertise, innovative technology, community training, and unwavering dedication, VAVV succeeded in bringing a clean water solution that would forever alter the trajectory of the community.

Today, Monte Castillo stands as a beacon of resilience and progress. Clean water flows through its veins, offering a lifeline of health and vitality to its residents. The statistics speak volumes: a remarkable reduction from 84% to just 13% in the prevalence of chronic waterborne illnesses. It's a testament to the power of VAVV's holistic approach—a strategy that not only addresses the immediate need for clean water but also empowers and equips the people with knowledge to foster this sustainable change.

But VAVV's impact extends far beyond the borders of Monte Castillo. Recognizing the power of youth and education, the organization has built local programs in its home base in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. Through service projects, local youth and students are empowered to make an international impact right from their own neighborhoods. These passionate change-makers are at the forefront of VAVV's efforts to create clean water and sanitation care packages for communities still in need of permanent clean water solutions. These local youth and student programs prove that transformative change knows no boundaries.

To join hands with VAVV and start your legacy of lasting change right now, you can become a part of the Ripple Community by becoming a recurring donor and Mission Partner. Just $50 provides clean water to one person for generations to come. Visit their website at GiveTrueWater.org to sign up to receive VAVV news/updates and learn more about how you can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Find VAVV on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter by searching “Vera Aqua Vera Vita” to stay updated on their latest initiatives, success stories, and ways to get involved. You can also support VAVV during NTX Giving Day this September, learn more on the website.

Vera Aqua Vera Vita’s Mission and impact stand a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. Through their unwavering dedication, innovative solutions, and compassionate outreach, Jacob Niemeier, the VAVV team, and all its caring supporters are rewriting the narrative of water scarcity, one drop at a time. As we reflect on their journey, we are reminded that true change begins with a single, powerful vision—one that has the potential to transform lives, communities, and the world we share.


VAVV succeeded in bringing a clean water solution that would forever alter the trajectory of the community.

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