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Where Upscale Meets Community and Family

Verbena, an upscale American restaurant that can be found in Prairie Village right across from Meadowbrook Park is the perfect place to have a business lunch, enjoy a nice evening on the patio, or visit for a special date night. Whatever occasion, Verbena is the place to go. When you walk in, you notice the heart and commitment of this establishment. The classic style invites you to stay awhile and communicates you are here for an experience in addition to great food. This place is reminiscent of Cafe Provence and the French Market in Prairie Village, as it should, the owners who created those community staples are the same ones who created the vision for Verbena.

The people are what make the establishment so special. The owners, Joanne and Patrick Quillec,  know their staff, not just their names but their stories, and genuinely care about them. Their general manager, Zachary Claster, makes their vision come to life through his excellent customer service and comfortable atmosphere. Chef Aaron Wells-Morgan has been there for 1½ years and has made quite a reputation for himself in that short amount of time. They know and talk about how they could not do what they do without their amazing staff and the wonderful community that has supported them. They, along with so many other restaurants had to pivot during the beginning of the 2020 pandemic and have been able to not just survive, but thrive through local community support and the entirety of Kansas City. 

When it comes to the food, each dish is a work of art that you can’t wait to eat. They strive for classic dishes with a unique twist. With the small plates, you will experience the perfect size to split for two or if you want a lighter meal. They are known for their CALAMARI CLAM CHOWDER—toasted nori, green curry, salted cracker—a spicy and rich but not heavy soup, the perfect amount to warm up on a cold day as a precursor to your meal. 

Moving onto The RYE PIEROGIES, a dough dumpling filled with cheese and potato filling, that has a decadent flavor with a wonderful aftertaste. Next, the BRAISED RABBIT MAFALDINE PASTA is not only a wonderful dish but one that is a customer favorite. This unique dish is wonderfully comforting with the homemade noodles and all of the flavors complementing each other. Add a delicious sparkling rose’ and it will be a meal to remember. 

They also have a wonderful wine selection (white and red), mixed cocktails and seasonal drinks. Their menu changes every season and is currently on the fall menu (winter menu on Thursday March 3). They have white wines from California and France and reds from California, France, Oregon, Argentina, Chile, Italy and Spain. There are so many wonderful options, and with a seasonal menu, you always have a reason to go back and try something new.

Verbena is a must-eat and must-experience restaurant!