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Veronica Beard - giving back

Veronicas’ titles as co-founders and co-designers

1. Why did you launch Veronica Beard? How did the company come to be?

VMB: Veronica and I had different careers and backgrounds, but we both had a love for fashion and the next big idea! When I worked in finance, I watched the men wear their suits and ties daily. Veronica and I wanted to similarly create a uniform for women—and the dickey jacket was born. We call it the Wonder Woman cape because wherever you're going, it transforms your outfit, making it legit and sexy, with ease. You can instantly change and style your look with different dickeys. 

VSB: We wanted to give women a uniform. Everyone understands uniform dressing for men – it’s the suit, it’s business casual, etc. But for women it was more complicated. Veronica and I saw a hole in the market because we were looking for it in our own closets – those wardrobe MVPs that you can throw on for any occasion and feel pulled together and ready to conquer the world. It started with the dickey, which also traditionally existed in menswear, and it evolved from there.

2. When did you open in Greenwich and what made you want to open a Veronica Beard here?

VMB: We opened Greenwich in June 2020. It was a time of true uncertainty during the pandemic, but we felt that our customer was there, and a beautiful store space was available on Greenwich Avenue. A year later, it’s apparent that in-store shopping is the way to go! 

VSB: We opened the store in summer 2020. We are very familiar with Greenwich because our husbands grew up and went to school there. We’ve spent a lot of time in Connecticut and have wonderful friends we visit. It’s the perfect community in which to open a VB store—full of women who want to look and feel amazing doing what they love.

3. What sets Veronica Beard apart from other women's designer brands?

VMB: It’s really rooted in reality. We road-test our designs and ask the questions we know other women will be asking—“Can I pick up a child in these jeans?" "Is this dress bra friendly?" We think about these things because not only are we the designers, but we’re also the customer.

VSB: We always say, a dream wardrobe has to work for real life. That’s key. It needs to look great and be functional. Because how you get there is just as important as the destination. We want her to feel great getting coffee, dropping off her kids and catching a cab, all on her way to the office.

4. What are you passionate about?

VMB: Many things, but my family foremost. I'm also incredibly passionate about our brand and our incredible team. I love traveling—it offers so much inspiration and is forever broadening and mind expanding. I’ve brought my children on almost every trip. I’m also a huge sports enthusiast—I go to all my kids’ games—and am involved in helping underprivileged talent find opportunities they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 


VSB: Making women feel great about themselves when they walk out the door. We always say when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. I also love decorating, interior design, entertaining and being with my family.



5. Tell us about the Make it Happen series. How did this idea come about?

VMB: #MakeItHappen is about stitching together an incredible quilt of women who inspire our brand, from our favorite entrepreneurs, artists, podcasters and producers to a pro tennis player and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. "Make it happen" means something different to every woman, and we want others to discover their rituals and routines, how these powerhouse women vanquish their fears, rewrite the rules and, simply, make it happen!

VSB: #MakeItHappen is about celebrating the women who inspire us and who have inspired the brand for years—the doers and makers, movers and shakers. The women who get up and get it done, live life to the fullest and crave wonder and grace. Who chase after their dreams, give back and make a difference. And do it all again the next day.

6. Tell us about VB Gives Back and the local Shop For A Cause events you regularly host. Why is giving back so important to you and the brand?

VMB: We are so inspired by women who give back to their communities, to causes that are dear to them, and it’s important to us that we set that example personally and as a brand. Giving back through the #VBGivesBack program is something I am so proud of, and I love the #VBGivesBack Days in the stores—it’s our chance to meet our customer!

VSB: We always say, for those given much, much is required, and we have to pay it forward. We launched our #VBGivesBack program in 2015 where each quarter, we highlight one woman and the cause most important to her, donating a portion of sales from every online transaction back to that organization. We have just always felt that if we are lucky enough to have this company and this platform, then it’s important for us to do what we can to give a little back each day.

7. How do you balance work, motherhood and family?

VMB: By practicing being present—when I’m at work, I can be efficient and give my all to the brand, and when I’m with my family, I am all in with my family.

VSB: With patience and gratitude.

8. What is your favorite Veronica Beard piece?

VMB: Right now, it’s our Spring '22 denim jumpsuit, which is an update on a previous VB favorite. It’s the sexiest and most timeless silhouette—legs for days and fitted everywhere, with a flare hem. If you’re looking for a jumpsuit, this one is a must try!

VSB: The dickey jacket is still my wardrobe MVP. I wear the Miller jacket from our Cult Classics collection with everything – I’ll zip the sweatshirt hoodie dickey into it with jeans for a weekend look or wear it with a leather dickey if I want to add some edginess for a night out.