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The Via Vandi look

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Via Vandi

Free Spirited Wanderlust Inspires Eclectic Round Top Boutique

There’s a sign in Vandi Hodges Round Top boutique which says, “I have the sudden urge to breathe foreign air”, after talking to her, I realize it’s a mantra for her inspiration, motivation and creativity. The Via Vandi boutique on quaint Rummel Square is a barrage of color, style and one-off eclectic pieces, collaborations with artists and designers worldwide mean that there is always something unique to discover. Vandi’s own lines of jewelry are accompanied by a terrific collection of vintage kimonos, as well as an array of textiles Vandi has gathered on her extensive travels. 

An avid traveler from a young age Vandi is always ready for the next adventure. “I believe that travel opens your mind and your heart and connects you to the souls of the world” she states. This native Texan, who embarked on a backpacking trip to see the world, found herself in Denmark, the hub of European design, it was the catalyst for her initial jewelry inspirations. She traveled to London and studied under master jeweler Daniel Krumhorn for 5 years, later moving on to Ibiza, Spain. Marrying together Danish design with a London city edge meets the Ibiza club scene resulted in her signature look.  “I love stones, I don’t like to overcomplicate, and I design around the stone, I really love the Nudist line because it just lets the stone be the art, and I don’t want to compete with it,” Vandi points out when she talks about her love of precious and semi-precious stones. The Nudist line features bold carnelians and labradorites as well as the translucencies of clear quartz and blue topaz. Her designs offer a contemporary panache which can easily worn from day to night.  A client recently described Vandi’s pieces as “the little black dress of jewelry”.

Vandi returned to Texas and prior to launching Via Vandi catered to private clients and commissions, as well as having representation in the Kuhl Linscomb store on W. Alabama, St, Houston, something which she still has today, this is the only place to purchase Vandi’s jewelry other than the Via Vandi boutique.

Working with fine silver, Vandi removes the alloy which renders a satin finish, this results in a look which is whiter than sterling, she also works with 24K gold in the vermeil system.  Her personal favorites include a black tourmaline crown pendant, this design is based on the British Monarchy. She has a favorite choker with a hand wrapped crystal which she wears every day. Vandi’s Dad used to call to her “Hey Sugar”, and she named a line after him, combining fine beadwork with metalwork, this range is very adaptable and can be worn in many different styles.

When I asked what was next for the boutique, Vandi told me about a return to her passion of collecting antique textiles “Each piece has its own story, I like things that have a story behind them, I like things with meaning, each kimono was someone’s, they’re so soulful, some are over 100 years old.” There’s a huge selection, each one extraordinary, the collection spans from the 1920’s to 1970’s, these airy silks are perfect for the Texas climate. Other recent collections and collaborations include working with indigenous women. Embroidered hats from Mexico, handmade tapestries from an Amazon tribe - the Ayahuasca Tapestries are made by the Shipibo tribe, whom Vandi had the experience of working with after she lived with the Aguaruna tribe in the 90’s! Lots of Guatemalan antique tapestries and a collaboration of Parisian scarves and throws, “the collection is so French and colorful and elegant.” Vandi states, “I’m a collector of antiques and a collaborator for the new modern pieces.”

Visit Via Vandi at 109 Bauer Rummel Rd in Round Top, all year from 11-7 on Saturdays, 10-3 on Sundays, and for champagne shopping during the Round Top Antique Fairs during Winter, Spring and Fall.

 "I like things that have a story behind them, I like things with meaning." - Vandi Hodges

  • Hand painted antique kimonos from 1920 - 1970 teamed with Vandi Hodges jewelry, a stunning combination
  • Collected gold pieces available from Via Vandi
  • On the Via Vandi porch
  • Perfect attire for the Texas climate
  • London edge, meets Danish design and Ibiza club culture
  • Vandi works in 24K gold
  • A few pieces from The Nudist Collection
  • Antique Peruvian textiles
  • The Via Vandi look
  • Designer Vandi Hodges wearing a vintage kimono and her own jewelry designs
  • A bold contemporary elegance
  • Via Vandi, Round Top
  • Kimonos for everyone
  • Vandi Hodges, Via Vandi!
  • A one-off hand embroidered hat