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Vino E Buono!

The Art of Making & Tasting

Article by Libby Furns

Photography by Scott LeBaron

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

The phrase “Wine is good!” seals each and every bottle at Spero Winery, and who can argue with that? No one! The family owned and operated winery is rich with tradition, knowledge, and love. Roots from Potenza, Italy drive the everyday art and craft of this business and give it its old world feel that attracts wine-lovers everywhere. 

For Clyde and June Spero, it’s all about the experience:  the congregating of family, friends, young lovers and old sweethearts. The joy of sipping new wines, delighting in conversation, and laughing and making memories. Despite the challenges of 2020, June Spero isn’t worried. She’s got her husband right beside her, her unwavering values to ground her, and endless hope and happiness that accompanies each new day. She’s real and she’s full of flavor, and she savors in each day’s possibilities. June is energetic, centered, and full of life, and she looks forward to the future when she can again extend the invitation to the community to join her and Clyde for the optimal tasting experience.

“You dress for other people; you eat for yourself,” June tells me, her grandmother in her ear. June recognizes that the wine tasting experience, like food, is unique to the individual and varies greatly. If you dare to ask June her favorite wine, you’ll likely be met with a question in return: “Who’s your favorite child?” How can she possibly choose a favorite among so many special creations, and furthermore if she could, it wouldn’t matter! Our palette’s are unique, and June honors that intimate and personal experience, letting each customer decide for themselves, their favorites.

For over 22 years, Spero Winery has been making wine and serving customers. Though June grew up watching her mother cook with dry Muscat wine, and Clyde was raised with the family favorite red Zinfandel, Spero Winery manufactures over 20 varieties. Their process is special and holds true to the old world style of wine making featured and adored in Italy. In this process, fermentation on the husks of the grapes is key. While many American trainings teach that same technique, it is typical for it to last only the first couple of days. Spero Winery’s fermentation on the mash lasts the entirety of the fermentation process; their wines are then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years. This European foundation makes the winery a real gem, right here in Colorado.

Wine Tasting Tips from the Expert!

Our expert, June Spero, tells all! If you have it, grab your crystal! It will provide the optimal tasting experience! Start with white, and finish with red. Go lightest to heaviest (viscosity and tannic structure), and move from dry to sweet. Let’s start!

*Start with a small amount of wine in the bottom of your glass, 1-2 ounces. Don’t settle for less! You need a decent taste!

*Swirl the wine several times- this opens the wine, allowing oxygen into the wine.

*Get your nose in the glass! Smell it! Get a nice breath of the aromas- the nose of the wine. For the untrained, ask yourself: “Does it smell like it’s going to be delicious?” If it smells yummy, you’ll probably enjoy it!

*Take a small sip, letting it rest in your mouth for a few seconds so it can reach all of your taste buds.

*Go back for more! Salute!