Vintage, Grand-Millennial, and Hollywood Regency

Old world style intersects with modern trends at the Fox and Hound Antiques in Kirkwood.

Walking into the Fox and the Hound feels museum-esqe. I'm not saying you need a docent to explain the nuanced history and intricate detail that the untrained eye may miss. Still, if a woven piece of art on the wall piques your interest, owners Kelly Layton and Dan Hobbs are more than happy to share their knowledge of the form, function, and ceremony surrounding the thousands of antique items found in their fascinating gallery located at 110 Argonne Alley in Downtown Kirkwood. 

Before you opened this shop, where did you store all of these items? 

Kelly: We filled both floors of this space and still have more to bring in. Dan has owned an antique shop on Main Street in St. Charles for over ten years and has galleries in Warson Woods Antique Gallery, so some items are from those locations. But we source items every week, and new pieces keep coming in. Stuff sells so quickly. Dan brought in a complete volume of 56 books, styled them in the bookcase up stairs and within five minutes they sold and he had to carry all the books back downstairs.

Where do you source your pieces? 

Kelly: We look for items from all over the country. Dan has been in the antique business for over 12 years and delivers pieces nationwide. He'll look for auctions and online dealers while he's traveling. I've been collecting and selling antiques online since I retired from my corporate job. That's how I met Dan. I have been his customer for years. 

Tell me more about the wide variety of antiques offered in this store. 

Kelly: We offer antiques from as far back as the late 1700s, vintage, mid-century modern, and s newer items. Dan loves antiques from the pre-1900s. I don't stick to a particular period or style. I buy what I like from an interior design and styling perspective. Our styles blend well together. 

Is there a design style that is trending right now? 

Kelly: The younger generation is looking for older items their grandparents may have had. This style is referred to as the Grand-Millennial style. It's a term that encompasses old portraits and Victorian pieces like porcelain. The other popular style is Hollywood Regency. Think marble, stone, and glass tables with gilded legs. Dan and I love showing how clients can incorporate these styles in their homes. 

How did the two of you land on this location? 

Kelly: Finding a place with the right ambiance and vibe was essential to us. We wanted a space that would lend itself to our style. Dan saw this building at the beginning of May, and we signed the lease by the middle of May. We loved the outdoor area and the tall ceilings - it felt like a gallery. 

What are your favorite pieces in the store? 

Kelly: Dan collects Victorian mourning items that I love. The intricate hair wreath hanging on the wall is a beautiful piece, and it's a sweet piece of ceremony that family members would create to remember loved ones who passed away. I also love oyster plates. I've collected them for a long time, and it's wonderful to see people come into the store and discover the beauty of hand-painted oyster plates for the first time. Our pieces are pre-1900s, and they can be beautifully displayed on a wall. 

Dan: I like things with form and function. My favorite pieces are beautiful and have a purpose, like clocks and book presses.

With thousands of items for your home, the Fox and the Hound offers more than just timeless design style; Kelly and Dan can help you find that perfect piece that has everyone asking, "Where did you get this?" 




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