Recipe for a Joyful Marriage

Vishal co-founded wedding planning website Joy; Pooja's a producer of “Arranged Marriage,” and together...

Vishal Joshi is the co-owner and CEO of Joy,  an innovative wedding planning website ( that aims to simplify the chaos around wedding planning. Four years ago, during the pandemic, he married actress Pooja Kumar, who in 2023 executive produced “Arranged Love,” currently streaming on E!. 

"Arranged Love" explores the delicate interplay between traditional and contemporary values, drawn from her dual cultural identity. “It reflects my journey—an American girl of Indian descent making a mark, having a family,” she says.  “Now, with a wonderful husband, two kids, and a cozy Austin home, it feels like I've fulfilled my dreams." Vishal says their lives as working parents is like, “running a circus with a startup on one side, a romantic comedy movie on the other, and two adorable side acts stealing the show.” Those scene stealers would be the couple's two kids, Naavya Joshi 3-years-old and Veer Joshi 2-months-old.

Pooja explains the secret recipe to keeping it all together. 

“Crafting a lasting relationship is like baking a delicious cake. You've gotta start with a hefty dose of communication, toss in a sprinkle of trust, and add a dash of humor. Our superglue is laughter." But, she’s quick to add, “There's more! Respect is the icing on the cake. Admire each other, give some space (think of it as having a good roommate but with extra cuddles) and when things get tricky – and they will – grab the compromise croissant. You both gotta bend a bit, like relationship yoga. And forgiveness? That's the cherry on top. We're all human, right? Oh, and keep the flames alive with quality time, shared goals, and a pinch of spontaneity. Life's too short for dull moments! So there you have it, your recipe for a relationship that's as sweet as pie. Happy relationship baking, folks!”

Visha adds, "And we've got this unwritten rule: No business talk after 9 p.m. That’s 'us' time. Unless the baby monitor suddenly turns into a mini board meeting…At the end of the day, it's about embracing the chaos, finding joy in the little things, and knowing that we're each other's biggest fans in this wild circus of life."

And we could all take a cue from their creative Valentine’s Day plans which they say will include, “A scavenger hunt through Zilker Park, with our little ones as eager detectives. A pizza from a local food truck, a kid-friendly outdoor concert for some dance moves, and capping it off with funky-flavored ice cream. We’re turning the day into a family adventure, Austin-style – because who needs a babysitter when you can celebrate love, laughter, and the unique charm of our city with the whole crew!”

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