Visions in Tile & Stone

What’s new, hard to find and popular trends

Walking into Visions tile and stone inc. is like walking into a candy store. The vast selection of colorful tile and stone has endless possibilities. 

“We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated and we enjoy being creative and stepping outside the box in our designs”.
– Dennis Pine, Owner.

Penny Rounds

Penny round marble mosaics by Marble Systems offer plenty of choices in design and color schemes. They add creativity, depth, and character. Natural Stone Resources* carries mini hexes and mini penny rounds made from recycled glass.

Large Format Porcelain 

Large format tiles have become increasingly popular as they provide a stunning appearance due to their minimal seam lines and a greater sense of spaciousness. There are various sizes and looks and with fewer grout lines there is less maintenance.  

Dramatic Designs with Lighting

New collections of textured tiles appear one way in daylight and dramatically different when light reflects off them showing geometric three-dimensional designs. The designs change depending on the way the tile is originally put together.


Mission Tile West specializes in a diverse range of fine ceramic, terra cotta, stone, porcelain, glass and more. Their styles include historical styles, personal styles, and modern or contemporary styles so you can find the unique combination that will personalize your home. 


Textured tiles have great aesthetic appeal and can subtly enhance an interior with contrasting elements and décor. You can add dimension and visual intrigue to any surface. The Rok Candy collection is new by AlysEdwards.

Elongated Scallops

The new elongated scallop is quickly becoming a favorite. The fresh linear composition creates a bold look while staying in fashion. The Richards & Sterling* new BonBon collection has a glossy finish in beautiful, soft pastel colors.


Handcrafted and rustic are popular. ARTO*, known for making rustic and elegantly handmade ceramic and concrete tiles, is made to order and can be customized.

Polished Onyx

Onyx is a natural calcium-based stone, is incredibly long-lasting when maintained and is perfect for high-traffic areas. It’s available in a wide range of tones, designs and colors. Onyx is lightweight and translucent so if lit properly, it can be a gorgeous focal point.

Uncompromising Beauty

Syzygy Tile is crafted by hand and made to order producing an exquisite line of shapes and mosaics. Glazes are carefully applied with a brush.


Tabarka Studio’s* original designs together with beautiful timeless materials fulfill a brilliant niche in the market.

Pinks and Greens 

Dennis said pinks are coming back big time but various shades of green are also popular. Encore Ceramics* makes handmade artisan tile available in any color including the classic pink, black and white tile pictured.

* Exclusive to either Oklahoma or the Tulsa metro. Visions tile and stone inc. is located at 6801 E 14th St in Tulsa. @visionstileandstone on Instagram and Facebook

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