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Volunteering with Dad

Inspire a Love for Giving Back in Your Children--Together!

Arts and Scraps

Arts and Scraps (16135 Harper Rd. in Detroit) inspires imagination through the creative reuse of industrial scraps. Children as young as 10, with a parent, can help at the store sorting donations, organizing, cleaning, or even helping families create projects at events. Remote volunteering is also available. Best of all, volunteering at Arts and Scraps can stimulate your child’s creativity too! Learn more about volunteer opportunities at

Oakland County Animal Shelter

A variety of volunteering opportunities are available at the Oakland County Animal Shelter (1200 N. Telegraph Rd in Pontiac) for children to participate in along with a parent. Children can read to the cats, decorate the sidewalk with chalk for the dog walkers, or join their parent in walking a shelter dog. Volunteer hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For more information on volunteering, visit

Capuchin Soup Kitchen and Earthworks Urban Farm

Children as young as 12 can volunteer at Capuchin Soup Kitchen (4390 Conner St in Detroit) or as young as 7 at Earthworks Urban Farm (1264 Meldrum St in Detroit), with a parent accompanying them. At the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, volunteers prepare food trays for guests, prepare food, and clean and sanitize tables and chairs. At Earthworks Urban Farm, children and parents can mix soil, flip compost, plant, weed, and other gardening tasks. To learn more, visit