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With Charley and Co.

Article by Celena Cisco

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Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Charley and Co. is a beautifully designed boutique dedicated to offering fashion choices for those looking for any style. Located in central Greeley, the vision of this boutique is to bring together the styles of all generations. “We are a mother and daughter-in-law duo which means there are two different visions for fashion,” Lisa Shelley, co-owner of Charley and Co., explains. The owners, Lisa Shelley and Tammy Kidwell, travel all over the country looking for specific brands and pieces that will fit the community's needs. “We get a wide range of community members coming into our shop, and we want to make sure that everyone can find something they are looking for," she says. With this unique co-ownership, there are two perspectives brought into the fashion offered at the boutique. The boutique doesn’t want to just cater to one specific style. Rather, Charley and Co.’s hope is that you will walk into their boutique feeling like there is something for you, whether you are a single young adult, a mother of three or a retired member of the community.

The unique boutique is also paired with a cute coffee bar meaning you can shop for your favorite fashion pieces and get a cup of your favorite coffee. You will find a range of clothing pieces when you walk into the boutique. You may even find the perfect dress or blouse you have been dreaming of, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the item. “The brands I look for are always going to be of good quality,” Lisa explains. She travels to different markets to see what different clothing items are offered. She is always looking for what is going to fit the style of the store and ultimately the style of the community. Lisa emphasizes, “I spend a lot of time feeling the fabric to make sure it’s good quality.” Even if you are not coming in to buy an article of clothing, the boutique has many other gift items that would be perfect for any special occasion. You will find everything from beauty care products to purses and even locally handcrafted jewelry.

Charley and Co. is always looking towards the next occasion coming up. What we wear is always going to reflect the season we are in, and they want to offer fashion that is going to fit the occasion that everybody is looking for. So whether you are looking for a back-to-school fit or a transitional piece to wear to cooler football games. Charley and Co. is going to have what you are looking for because the boutique is always changing to fit the time and season. 

As we take baby steps into the fall season, fall fashion styles and transitional pieces are going to be what you start seeing more of. Light cardigans and denim jackets to pair with your old summer dress give the perfect fall look on cooler days. Lisa shares that community members should, “be on the lookout for more colors this fall season instead of simply neutrals.” You can also expect dresses and blouses that have longer sleeves or lighter flannels to make an appearance in the store. Charley and Co. is excited about offering a new brand next season and hopes to highlight them in their fashion show.

You won’t find a boutique and coffee shop pairing anywhere else in Greeley. Fulfilling the dream of the owners of the boutique, the coffee bar has been recently connected to the store. The little coffee shop has been recently renovated giving a fresh feel to compliment the already inviting atmosphere of the boutique. Their coffee bar offers a variety of drinks and baked goods along with lunch or breakfast options. Grab coffee and lunch with your best friend and take a tour of the many quality fashion items offered by Charley and Co.

"We get a wide range of community members coming into our shop, and we want to make sure that everyone can find something they are looking for." -Lisa Shelley

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