Want to Hit Like a Pro?

These Tips Will Get You Swinging in the Right Direction

Weight movement in a golf swing is vital for both distance and consistency. With proper weight movement, we can apply and use ground force in our swing. Conversely, if we allow our weight movement to get away from us, it will cause loss of distance, inconsistencies and poor golf shots.

Here are a few tips to help with proper weight movement and distribution:

1. At setup, make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet. 

2. Weight should be on your shoelaces or middle of your feet; you should be able to wiggle your toes at address (ever notice PGA Tour players doing this before they hit a shot?).

3. On the backswing, the weight should be on the inside of your trail foot (back foot). If the weight moves to the outside, we are forced to slide into the ball on the downswing. 

4. As we rotate forward, we should transfer weight onto the lead foot (front foot). If your lead foot moves, it’s OK.

5. You should finish with your weight on the lead foot near the heel. Again, it’s OK if your foot moves. 

6. If you want to hit a draw, the weight should transfer to the trail heel on the backswing and to the lead toe on the downswing. This will cause a more in-to-out swing path. 

7. If you want to hit a fade, the weight should transfer to the trail toe on the backswing and to the lead heel on the downswing. This will cause an outside-to-in swing path. 

If you would like information on taking lessons from a golf pro, email Denny Walters at Bogey Hills Country Club at dwalters@bogeyhillscc.com.

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