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Credit: Nathan McEvoy with Showcase Photographers

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Warren Bradley Partners: A Family (and Fun!) Affair

Article by Ashley Hutcheson

Photography by Cameron Hinkle

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Upon meeting the Warren Bradley Partners, a close-knit group, you can’t help but immediately feel like you are among friends; and really fun ones at that! They lead with their warmth, charm, sincerity and exuberance. And on top of all of that, they are family. Marty and Nancy Warren have been married 53 years and have a magnetic reportire that make them seem like newlyweds and display their wonderful longevity all in the same interaction. They’ve been in Middle Tennessee since 1972. Their daughter, Wendy, and her husband Doug Bradley have been married 22 years and met in a very similar fashion in Texas. Both spending formative years here in their youth, they happily re-settled in Middle Tennessee in
2003 where they raised their daughter, Mary Wallis, choosing to have her educated at all Williamson County schools. While currently not local and in college a few hours away, she keeps in contact with Gigi and GM, (which stands for Grand Marty), even calling to chat with him on his birthday in late February.

Wendy will tell you that her parents “are the original flippers. They have been doing this since before it had a name.” Quite a few of her childhood memories include large home projects before they were in vogue, with one very specific memory related to removing mauve carpeting. “They just always had a knack.” Nancy was the first to get her real estate license in the late 1980s, Marty soon followed and they became one of, if not the first, husband and wife real estate teams. Wendy followed in her parents’ footsteps and got her license in 2003. Doug packs a double punch not only as a licensed agent but also being a licensed contractor and owner of Bradley Building and Restoration.

Sitting down to discuss the current (and very paced) real estate market, the expertise and experience with Warren Bradley Partners is clear. The small-team relationship is dynamic. There is a focused consistency with their own clients, yet all clients get the knowledge, experience and effort from the entire team. It works to everyone’s advantage, as quickly as things move in today’s climate. Having more hands-on deck means their clients can get deals done more quickly. All in agreement, as agents they are “advisors on all things.” Such attention can leave one feeling almost like they have a concierge agent.

There isn’t much Warren Bradley hasn’t happily orchestrated for a client. Even the most seasoned of clients need professional guidance. From a buyer’s perspective, it's correct and current negation tactics. From a seller’s perspective, it's getting top dollar for your home. This can be renovation, staging or simply removing some of the clutter from the current space. One huge benefit to Warren Bradley Partners is their knack for design and ability to act on creating great spaces. The benefit to having a professional handle the staging and setting up of a home is the freedom from worry. Let the expert handle it. They’ll guide you. Listening to Marty and Nancy discuss design is almost like looking into a design and consumer driven crystal ball. Their attention to detail is unparalleled.

Warren Bradley Partners make you feel safe and comfortable. The heavy attention to detail and knowledge about the very fluid market make you wonder how they do it. They are flexible, positive and on the forefront at every turn. One common thread among each topic of conversation is trust. Marty makes it simple and clear, “Take good care of the clients.”

Three Tips on How to Value Your Home:
1. Availability of Inventory
This has quickly moved to the top of the list in the current climate. In a whirl-wind real estate climate where homes can be on the market for a matter of hours, not days, the number of homes out there for buyers to consider makes a difference on the price you can get for your home.
2. Design and Staging
An updated kitchen is notorious for its ROI but now the golden ticket is the addition of a master suite, specifically the bathroom. If your home has a current kitchen and master suite, rest assured that was money well spent. Staging is another key element for sale.
3. Apples to Apples
Make sure you are comparing truly similar homes. Floor plan is critical in this comparison; a component most people don’t consider. Similar lot sizes, square footage and updates come to most sellers’ minds as comps, but specific floor plan styles matter very much.

Fun Facts 

1. Blind Date (with a vision)
Nancy and Marty met on a double-blind date, though they weren’t on the date with each other. By the next week, they were on date number two and as Marty says he “traded up.” After getting her home 15 minutes late for curfew and in a bit of trouble, Marty sent Nancy a dozen yellow roses the next day.
2. Homefield Advantage
In the mid-1980s, Vanderbilt University recruited Doug to play football. He was a defensive lineman and majored in Economics.
3. A Good Eye
The Warrens love not only original art but favor original local art. One piece Nancy particularly enjoys is one that hangs in their home by Franklin artist, Jerry Quinlisk.
4. Travel Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
While they love Franklin life, traveling is a huge hobby. They most recently got back from 30A and you can find remnants of trips to Cannes and Paris and other wonderful locations throughout their home.
5. Out on the Town – Together
They not only work together, but the team likes to be together and that includes going to new restaurants and frequenting their favorites: 5th and Taylor, Adele’s, the bar inside 1799, the newly reopened Geist and the temporarily closed Red Pony.

  • Complimentary staging with every listing. Credit: Nathan McEvoy with Showcase Photographers
  • Credit: Nathan McEvoy with Showcase Photographers
  • Credit: Daniel Hosingtom with Virtual Media Tours
  • Daniel Hosingtom with Virtual Media Tours