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Gene Hairston, owner, Northside Window and Gutter Cleaning

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Washing Away Winter

Northside Window And Gutter Cleaning Pros Jumpstart Spring Cleaning

As spring arrives, it's time to open up blinds and soak in the coveted sunshine lacking during Midwest winters. Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and the team at Northside Window and Gutter Cleaning indicates they are eager to help homeowners and business managers welcome the start of a new season. 

Northside Windows is owned and operated by a local veteran, Gene Hairston. After serving as a military police officer in Alaska, Gene says he moved to Indiana to be with his family. Upon moving to the area, Gene worked for the Marion County Sheriff's Department for 10 years and then in auto sales where he says he made plenty of connections and friends. "That's how I met Scott, the original owner of Northside Window and Gutter Cleaning," Gene recalls.

The two were friends when Scott started the business back in 2006. Gene officially took over five years ago. "Scott built the boat, I've just kept the sails up and the water out."

As a veteran, Gene says he believes there is little that he learned during his time in the military that cannot be applied to running a business. Specifically, discipline and work ethic. He adds, "I'm passionate about working with disabled veterans, as this hits close to home. And I jump at any opportunity to volunteer with a variety of veteran organizations as time allows."

For Gene, he proclaims the most rewarding part of owning a business is knowing he can provide a service for someone who needs it and feeling that appreciation from his clients. He shares that he enjoys being a leader and mentor to his team, and works hard to teach them the teamwork and cohesion he learned in the military. "I'm proud to say I would never ask my crew to do something I wouldn't do personally, and I believe that if you put the customer before profits, profits will follow."

While as a bonded and insured business, Northside Window and Gutter Cleaning offers a large catalog of services, Gene's spring cleaning essential recommendations are:

  • Gutter Maintenance: Gutters are essential in helping channel water away from the foundation of homes and preventing water damage.
  • Window Cleaning: Windows are the lenses into houses; they set the tone of homes. Clean windows allow the sun to flow freely into homes.
  • Soft-Washing: Soft-washing uses a lower pressure but higher volume of water than pressure washing to remove algae and dirt from the outside of homes and buildings. "This is my favorite service offered," Gene shares. 

The Northside Window and Gutter Cleaning crew serves all of Marion County, Hamilton County and parts of Hancock and Madison County. Boasting 13,000-plus residential and commercial clients, this local business has a fleet of 12 vehicles and two locations, with their main operating facility in Noblesville. The staff also includes a full-time customer service team. 

"Customers can call, email or chat with us online at just about any time of day and receive a timely response," assures Gene. 

Complimentary quotes also can be requested. 


"Windows are lenses into houses, they set the tone of homes."

  • Gene Hairston, owner, Northside Window and Gutter Cleaning
  • As military veteran, Gene believes in discipline and work ethic.
  • Gene operates a bonded and insured business.

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