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Meet the Faces Behind Locally-Owned Hydrate IV Bar

Article by Valerie Bianculli

Photography by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Most of us have heard of intravenous therapy. Whether you are a wellness junkie or just an avid “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, vitamin treatments have been exploding in popularity—for good reason. We spoke with Kevin and Nicole Poel, owners of the newly-opened Hydrate IV Bar in Westminster, to explore IV therapy, how their medical expertise led them to this business venture and the ways they are pioneering wellness locally.

What is IV therapy and its main benefits?

Kevin Poel: The main benefits are long term health and wellness. In Colorado's active environment, oral supplements, while good, have limitations in absorption. IV therapy provides deeper absorption and addresses baseline dehydration which is prevalent in high-altitude areas. There are people who live here and are chronically dehydrated without knowing it because their bodies build an ability to compensate. Many individuals who fly into Colorado experience altitude sickness, which a simple IV bag can alleviate. In addition to this, we add in the vitamin aspect. Your body will receive the hydration it needs as well as a combination of Vitamins B, C and Zinc to help bulk up your immune system.

Nicole Poel: Hydrating before, during, and after a flight is crucial, yet often overlooked. Hydration touches every area of our lives. Working in a hospital as a nurse, we tell sick patients to make sure they are drinking at least 64oz of water per day and that rarely happens. In America, we tend to be reactive with our health. We usually do not go to the doctor until after we become ill. It’s nice to be on the preventative side of our health where we can be more proactive vs reactive. Hydrating and providing essential vitamins through IV therapy became an avenue to contribute to community well-being. Kevin's expertise in pharmacy aligned perfectly.

Tell us more about your menu including NAD+.

Nicole Poel: NAD+ is basically Vitamin B3 broken down into its most usable form. It rapidly generates energy in your cells and aids tremendously with inflammation and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Kevin actually met a woman who was experiencing a lot of pain and had nearly given up after several surgeries who said the NAD+ treatments were life-changing.

Kevin Poel: She did a series of 10 infusions of NAD+. After her first treatment, she was able to get out of bed pain-free. These are the kinds of testimonies that we love to hear. There is promising research between NAD+ and improved memory. While we can’t infer treatment, research shows those with dementia and Alzheimer’s may benefit.

What inspired you to enter this business?

Nicole Poel: Unfortunately, most of us don’t eat the healthiest diet so we are not getting all the appropriate nutrients that our body needs. Only a small percentage of oral supplements are bioavailable after they go through your digestive system. With IV vitamin therapy and injections, those nutrients are 100% bio-available.

Kevin Poel: My background is in pediatric emergency medicine. I still practice in pharmacy now. We were looking for something of our own that would fit perfectly with our combined skill sets and passions while also contributing to our community.

How long does an IV therapy session last?

Nicole Poel: We aim for a spa-like experience. We want you to come here and feel good about what you are doing for your body but also have a soothing experience for your mind. It can take 45 minutes to an hour for an IV bag and as quick as 5 minutes for a vitamin injection. NAD+ typically requires 2 to 4 hours since we prefer to run this infusion slower for tolerability.

Are there any side effects?

Kevin Poel: We are overseen by a medical director who approves all of our protocols, in addition to myself and Nicole who are actively in the medical field. In terms of side effects, NAD+ can have some harmless transient infusion related reactions.

Nicole Poel: The reasons those side effects occur are because the infusions are directly impacting the areas of inflammation which is actually beneficial. Your body may experience some discomfort so for this reason we run NAD+ slower and typically ask our patients to eat a high protein meal beforehand.

Where can people learn more?

Nicole Poel: Visit hydrateivbar.com/locations/westminster/ or check our Instagram, @hydrateivbarwestminster, or give us a call at 720.923.6158.

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