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Ways To Save

Tips and resources to help you save more.

Things start to add up, and in this economy every penny needs to stretch that much farther. Here are just a few ways to help you be kinder to your wallet.

Get A Library Card.

Did you know the library not only is a place to borrow books and movies but there are free art culture passes to many nearby attractions and parks around the valley. There are also free workshops, kids activities, internet and tutoring resources, and even free seeds for your garden!

Join FREE Initiatives

Yes, it's true! By joining Freecycle Network or the Buy Nothing Project you can see who is giving away items from sofas to halloween costumes in your area. These initiatives started as a way to connect neighbors, exchange items, and keeping usable stuff from ending up in the landfills. Free is possible!

Cancel Old Subscriptions

Don't have a leaky wallet! Find old, unused, or overlooked memberships and subscriptions and cut them loose. Everything, even your finances, may need a good spring clean now and then, so catch anything you might not be using or simply don't need and move on. 

Check and Update Insurance Rates

It can feel like a chore, but don't just accept the rates you have been given for any of your auto or home insurance. You should shop around, get some recommendations from friends and family and make a few calls to find the best rate. In the end, you can always go back to your original insurer and ask them to do a price match. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Eating Out Less

I know, I know, we love that coffee run or that favorite sandwich place. However, when you add up the cost of a daily visit for a caffeine kick, it can all add up. Think about brewing a cup to go from home or packing a lunch. Or you can reduce your eating out by half or more per month and save up over time.

Cash Back Apps or Coupons

There is an app for that! There are several resources out there which can help you save or even earn money as you shop. Apps like Rakuten, Ibotta, and Shopkick can all help you get money back or coupons on some of your favorite places to shop from retail to groceries. They may also offer coupons and savings too. Other apps like Checkout51 give you cash back on gas and groceries while Dosh works with dining out and hotel stays too. Social Nature offers free samples of healthy products or discounts on others. You can also use apps like Gasbuddy to compare and search for the cheapest gas in your area. The chance to save and earn has never been so easy.

Dry January...Dry April!

Going alcohol free in January has been a growing trend each year post the New Year's Eve hangover. However, consider going alcohol free in April too. You will save money and achieve some health goals at the same time. Wine and beer are not the only ways to wind down, plus the money saved might just shock you. 

There are several resources out there which can help you save or even earn money as you shop... from retail to groceries.