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We are Thankful

What are you grateful for this year? Three locals tell Kirkland Lifestyle their answers.

Cameron Fay, local resident and Founder of Cameron Fay Consulting

I am grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest. The more I travel the country and the world, the more I love coming home to this incredible place. Paddleboarding on Lake Washington with seaplanes flying overhead, a view of the mountains, and greenery all around; there is nowhere more beautiful to be! 

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Bill Gray, local resident

I am thankful for my beautiful wife Brandi, who supports me in every way possible and is my best friend. I am so grateful for my three wonderful children (Blair, Brooklyn, and Bowen), who help keep my perspective of what is important in life on track ,and give me the drive to provide for them. 

Chloe Rombakh, local resident

I am thankful for my friends because they’re always there for me and make me laugh. I am very thankful for my teachers, especially my humanities teacher. She taught me in 7th grade and again this year! She is there when I’m having a rough day and I can talk to her and ask for help with schoolwork. I’m grateful for my family because they support me in everything I do, and love me and help me make the best decisions.

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  • Photo credit: Alante Photography