Wearing a Memory

Transforming family heirlooms into beautiful, wearable memories with the Jewelfire Team

Rocks and stones have enamored silver-haired stunner Khristy Nash for as long as she can remember. The gems exhibits in museums always enticed her as a child, and she curated multiple rock collections of her own. The proceeds from Ms. Nash’s first jobs in the 80s went mostly towards jewelry, putting it on layaway as gifts for her family. During one such shopping excursion at the Westminster Mall’s J C Keepsake Diamonds store, Khristy’s vivacious personality and obvious enjoyment of accessories caught the owner’s attention. Later that night, she called Ms. Nash out of the blue and offered her a job. Though Khristy never intended to go into the jewelry industry, she excitedly accepted the offer, then proceeded to work her way up the bedazzled ladder. In 2021 a long-time friend, and former owner of Jewelfire Diamonds of Broomfield, sold the business into Khristy’s capable hands. Since then, Ms. Nash and her team have expertly supplied our community with gorgeous custom jewelry.

“I LOVE what I get to do for my job!” Khristy gushed when asked about her favorite aspects of owning and designing for Jewelfire. “It’s so fun, but it’s also deeply emotional.” Most people are ecstatic when buying new jewelry, but the majority of the store’s business doesn’t come from new merchandise. Over 70% of Jewelfire’s business consists of repairing and restoring jewelry and reshaping family heirlooms into wearable memories. Recently, for example, a tall, distinguished older gentleman walked into the store holding a gold wedding band. The clean-shaven Coast Guard veteran’s heart ached with the recent loss of his bride, the love of his life. As the couple had no children to whom they might bequeath her wedding band, Mr. Smith requested the band be incorporated into a dog tag that he could keep and wear. Khristy and Jewelfire’s expert craftsmen cut the wedding band in half and ran it along either side of a yellow gold dog tag bearing the couple’s names, “their song”, and a few other significant words chosen by the widower. Though Mr. Smith no longer gets to look into his wife’s eyes every day, he now wears a meaningful reminder of her next to his heart.

Another customer drove to Broomfield from Alamosa a few weeks ago. This woman’s mother recently passed away, leaving to her only child the gold wedding band she’d worn for decades. Rather than stashing the valuable piece of jewelry in a drawer for safe keeping, only to be brought out on rare occasions, the daughter made the four-hour trek to visit Khristy and the Jewelfire team. Employing their creativity and expertise, they decided to melt down the ring, size it correctly for her finger, and imprint it with meaningful symbols. A dog paw for a beloved, four-legged friend and a three-leaf clover, a nod to her mother’s St. Patrick’s Day birth, now decorated the gold band. Her mother’s years of life adorn the interior surface. When the younger woman glances daily at her new ring, many precious memories that might have dimmed with the passing of time, now remain fresh.

Khristy Nash loves working with her customers to find or design something that brings them happiness. The Jewelfire crew not only reshapes family heirlooms, but also creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. A few months ago, Khristy had the privilege of designing a ring for a soon-to-be high school graduate. The co-ed’s sweet aunt paid a visit to Khristy in Jewelfire’s classy, modern storefront, requesting a ring with two gemstones: blue topaz and peridot, a less-common jewel. While getting to know her new client, Khristy quickly learned the reason behind the specific stone selections. Though celebrating her niece’s graduation, the aunt simultaneously grieved the recent loss of her brother, the girl’s father. The two gems represented the birth months of the father and daughter. The Jewelfire team did not find an existing ring that would fulfill the aunt’s desires, but managed to procure two separate dainty rings bearing the birthstones. The talented jewelers soldered them together at an angle to create a beautiful new piece. When the niece, along with her aunt, uncle, and mother returned for the ring fitting, the young woman’s mother was so touched that she purchased a ring displaying her own birthstone that day.

The high school senior and her mother now have something to remind them of her father and the deep love their family shares. In the upcoming months, the sweet family will extend their bond to include more loved ones. Just last week, the graduate’s cousin paid a visit to Khristy and her team to purchase an engagement ring for his girlfriend! The newlyweds will build a little home on his parents' property right here in Broomfield.

Khristy tells the stories of her clients with heartfelt gladness. It’s obvious that family and relationships play a central role in how she lives life and does business. Her daughter-in-law, Nancy Silvas, works with Khristy and, along with the rest of the Jewelfire team, prioritizes people. They delight in getting to know each client’s unique experiences, tastes, and desires when helping them select or design a new piece. “Jewelry is usually tied to emotions: whether celebrating something wonderful or grieving a loss,” the classy local business owner shares, “I love getting to be here for it all.”

"Jewelry is usually tied to emotions: whether celebrating something wonderful or grieving a loss. I love getting to be here for it all."

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