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Weddings A Go-Go Offers "Less Is More"

"Mistress of Matrimony" Tracy Lindsay Makes Weddings Truly Exceptional

Article by Debi Burrows

Photography by Alexis Searcy

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Who is Weddings A Go-Go?

Weddings A Go-Go, established in 2019 by Tracy Lindsay, ‘Mistress of Matrimony’. She created a chapel that can serve couples who are dreaming about having an outdoor wedding ceremony at the location of their choice.

Less is More

Every couple has had their dream wedding in mind for a while. Some want big weddings, and some need their special day to be intimate. Small and intimate weddings demand a specific format and detail. Small weddings are more manageable and also more affordable, and the setting allows the couple to be in control over the entire ceremony.

Small weddings can be simple but elegant. From food to design, couples can manage their budget with more flexibility and choose quality over quantity. While having the freedom to pick and customize their wedding elements, they can also share the special day with their close friends and family. Mobile weddings can make all of this happen, plus the couple can choose the wedding location. Portable chapels are the best answer to a small wedding plan.

Weddings A Go-Go's venue can travel anywhere that the clients want. The memorable and charming wedding options create an elegant setting for every wedding. Choosing a Weddings A Go-Go wedding package enables the clients to spend more of their budget on things that matter the most to them.