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Wedges & Woods

A driving range and teaching center in Augusta, GA

Welcome to Wedges & Woods, a driving range and teaching center in Augusta, GA. The McNeil family opened Wedges & Woods in 1996. Nick Prokosa, who started working for the McNeils in 1997, gained experience in each area of the business before purchasing it and taking over ownership in 2008. Wedges & Woods has everything you need, whether you are searching for a place to practice your long and short game or looking for a way to customize your clubs.

“We have ten outside mat areas to hit from, twenty grass areas, and sixteen short game areas to hit from,” says Nick. All the balls at Wedges and Woods are full flight balls. Other places may limit the flight to keep balls from going out of the netting, but with the large, open field measuring 320 yards, there is no need to limit flight.

There is also a covered area with ten bays equipped with Toptracer. Toptracer can track the ball, which allows you to monitor every shot as well as play games and virtual golf. Power Tee, the world’s premier automated teeing system designed to enhance your experience on the driving range, is also available for guests. You’ll also find a putting area onsite to help with the short game.

Nick also handles club repairs and customizations. Having a club fit specifically for you plays an important role in golf. “At a box store, they have a computer you hit in, and the computer spits out a number. The problem with that is it really doesn’t fit you very well,” explains Nick. “When ordering custom clubs from manufacturers, nine out of ten times, they aren’t correct.” Because Nick works individually with customers to get exact measurements, he can customize every aspect of the golf club for a perfect fit.

In addition to club customizations, you can bring your favorite set of clubs to the shop for repair, which Natasha McVicker, Back Office Manager and Nick’s sister, says is a lost art. “A lot of people now just buy new clubs when they need something instead of finding a set of clubs that works well for them and keeping them in good shape,” she explains. “You can replace the shafts and the grips to make those clubs last longer because they are clubs that you know work well for you. If you go out and buy a new set, you don’t know if those are going to work for you.”

Many repairs can be done within 24-48 hours unless materials need to be ordered. “We're the only ones who really keep a full-service repair staff on hand for day-to-day work,” says Natasha. The shop also carries golf essentials like balls, tees, and gloves for purchase, which specialty items available by order.

As beautiful spring weather beckons and golf fever grips the CSRA, remember that in addition to being open to singles and groups of golfers, Wedges & Woods offers rental of the facility for larger groups.

Visit Nick, Natasha, and the rest of the crew at Wedges & Woods at 3731 Wrightsboro Rd. in Augusta. For information on services or fees, call 706-854-0360 or go to

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