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'Warm Modern, With a Touch of Elegance'

A Peek Inside This Stunning Paradise Valley Home

It was after the plans were completed for this new 5,458 square foot home in a sought-after neighborhood in Paradise Valley—dubbed Razor's Edge—that the homeowners brought in Holly Wright, owner and principal designer of Holly Wright Design, to assist with all the interior finishes, designs, lighting, and furnishings.

"This was the client's first modern home, so I was sure to educate them on why I would suggest finishes or details that would support the architecture of the home. [The homeowner] also had a feminine aesthetic, and I wanted to add that elegance in subtle details throughout the home," Wright says.

Wright describes the interior design of the house—which has four bedrooms, an upper game loft, and nearly 360-degree views through its windows and adjacent patios—as "warm modern, with a touch of elegance."

As for details that stand out to her, it's "the layering of stone textures on the main fireplace, and also the kitchen metal and glass finishings."

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