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Welcome to Chandler BMX

If you haven’t heard about Chandler BMX, get ready for an action-packed adventure—one where no one sits on the bench, and everyone has an open-ended invitation to join in the fun. As one of the top 10 fastest-growing sports in America, the Chandler BMX community is here to share its love for racing on a track that was at the forefront of the BMX racing craze.

Before opening in 1975, Chandler BMX was just a series of vacant lots where kids of all ages could be found catching air and attempting wheelies, mimicking their motocross idols. Back then, word was just beginning to spread about this new sport—called pedal-cross at the time—which is now an Olympic-sanctioned competition. But whether you or your child are an experienced rider or completely new to racing, you’ll discover the pure excitement of a track professionally designed for safety, variety, and active fun … right in your Chandler backyard. 


A Destination for Wholesome Family Fun

Looking for a sport the whole family can enjoy? You’ve found it. And unlike other sports, everyone gets a turn on the track. When you participate in BMX, age and athletic ability aren’t a factor in having a great time, because everyone can learn to ride. In fact, you’ll see riders as young as 2 on the track on their balance bikes and adults well into their 60s. It really is the ultimate sport for wholesome, whole-family fun.

But more than a sport, at Chandler BMX, strangers become fast friends and then family. As an organization dedicated to fostering healthy competition and fair play, you’ll find that your new Chandler BMX family will be there to support you every step of the way. Love to tailgate? They do, too. Love traveling? Explore racing opportunities from coast to coast. Ready to start making lifelong connections? Join them.

“Chandler BMX brings people together, it creates a homegrown community that is comforting like friends eating a home cooked meal together,” says Greg Romero, professional BMX racer and coach.


Teaching More Than Sportsmanship

Through the use of programs such as BMX STEM Program, Read to Ride, and Track Modeling, finding ways to incorporate the sport into educational initiatives is a priority at Chandler BMX.

The USA BMX STEM program––the first sponsored by an Olympic sanctioning body––teaches the physics of gravity, balance, and energy by applying that knowledge to BMX racing, which is something relatable.

Another educational initiative, the Read to Ride program, provides schools with a structured reading incentive program. With prizes for the top readers such as BMX bikes and helmets, students are encouraged to increase their time spent reading and being active. Each of these initiatives make Chandler BMX a one-of-a-kind track, honoring its history by continuing to positively impact the youth in our community. 

Action-Packed Adventures

As the first officially sanctioned USA BMX track in the world, Chandler BMX has been bringing excitement and pulse-pounding active fun to the community since 1975. With such a rich history, it’s no wonder the track has hosted some of the most relevant events in the sport, including Winter Nationals, Gold Cups, and State Championships. And speaking of exciting firsts, Chandler BMX hosted the very first national race in the sport, first Freestyle Team demo, first back-flip on a BMX bike in public, first mobile-ramp skate park, and so many more. Now, you can experience your own Chandler BMX firsts, too. 

Come out to Chandler BMX on any night of the week and you’ll be sure to catch some action. From races and practices to clinics, leagues, and new-rider open houses, they are there to help, answer questions, and share the unique sport they are so passionate about.

So, when your family is ready to feel the thrill of accomplishment, inclusion, and your own rewarding firsts, Chandler BMX will be there to welcome you.

Meet the CEO and Chief Innovator, BA Anderson

Behind the scenes of the Chandler-founded USA BMX is a dedicated team of enthusiasts, led by 30-year Chandler resident BA Anderson. Driving the vision and direction of USA BMX, Anderson has overseen the implementation of BMX Racing into the Olympics, including organizing and hosting multiple Olympic trials, and much more. His passion for the sport translates to over 50,000 active BMX racers at more than 320 locations across North America, hosting more than 11,000 BMX races. 

BMX is in Anderson’s DNA. From the time he could ride a bike he was destined to lead USA BMX. The son of BMX track operators, he learned from an early age the value of the family fun the sport creates. It was at BMX tracks across the country while competing nationally, that his entrepreneurial skills were crafted and honed. 

But beyond the success of BMX, Anderson is intensely focused on bettering the community of Chandler and the East Valley. As a member of the Chandler Compadres, he has helped raise millions of dollars for their mission to help kids and families in the community who are in need. He also supports Hamilton High School Athletics, Chandler Youth Baseball, and countless other East Valley organizations.

Through the medium of sport and BMX, Anderson has brought tens of thousands of families closer together. And through volunteerism, donations, and fundraising, he has made a tremendous impact right here in Chandler.

  • BA Anderson
  • BA Anderson