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Welcome To Hendersonville - The New Music City

The City By The Lake Has Established Itself As A Musical Hub

Hendersonville abounds in venues that offer live music, ranging from jazz to bluegrass and country to rock and roll. Both the Streets at Indian Lake and the Lighthouse on the Lake offer special concerts throughout the year that are sure to please music lovers. In addition, Historic Rock Castle features critically acclaimed musical events throughout the year.

For those who prefer their music large and loud, the Hometown Jam concerts are just what the conductor ordered. Held at various local parks, the Jams feature the best in current and rising stars in country music. Recent concerts featured performances by stars such as Diamond Rio, the Isaacs and Colin Raye.

Given its rich history, it is not surprising that Hendersonville is home to a burgeoning music scene. From small, intimate venues to full-blown outdoor concerts, there is always a song in the air in Hendersonville.