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The Rocky Mountain Sports Club Team is ready with a distinctive approach to attaining your goals well into the New Year.

Article by Nina Baldacci Sloan

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

We live in a culture that consistently demands, “Go! Go! Go!”

What if getting the results you want this year actually means slowing your roll? 

As lifelong athletes, martial artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and parents of athletic kids, Tim and Nina Sloan, co-owners of Rocky Mountain Sports Club, have had many a concerned conversation in recent years about a trending disconnect in our culture's approach toward achievement in health, wellness, and overall athleticism. Pressures to “succeed” were preempting necessary, foundational pillars that support physical and mental wellness, creating longer-term consequences.

Living by the principle that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, they were ready to offer something different, and opened Rocky Mountain Sports Club in the fall of 2022 with small-group, personalized offerings in yoga, sports conditioning, martial arts, self-defense, and nutrition.

Nina absolutely loves talking about their mission because of how much it has meant to her own athletic journey. “Our foundational programs prepare, advance, and restore our members toward their optimal performance and continuing health. Think of our programs as the solid undercurrent that supports each individual's greater goals, no matter their age or ability. We value and promote the now, and the life-long athlete in everybody.” 

Sloan, a self-described “type A” in just about everything she does, experienced a personal awakening in her training during the pandemic. For years she lived by the motto, “you don’t get the butt you want by sitting on it!” All of her first loves, like running, martial arts, swimming, and cross-training hit a huge plateau. The harder she worked, the more her body fought back in the form of injury and illness. Conditioning through yoga opened a door that helped her reconnect her mind and her breath and her body. It also slowed her roll. Everything that felt stuck started to find flow again. Her injuries began to heal at the same time she was rebuilding her athletic core. Now she jokes that through yoga, breath, and movement, “you actually CAN get the butt you want by sitting on it!” - and leans into the motto that, “going from good to great and from great to special takes living a life on rhythm.” 

Tim Sloan’s passion in launching Rocky Mountain Sports Club was inspired by his many years of military service, and the injuries that resulted. Articulated best in the book, “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma'', by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. Tim trains for healing, continued athleticism, and longevity and he wants to offer that experience to others. “We are more than a punch in/punch out/go home studio. We are a community of closely knit instructors and clients who create long-lasting, sustainable outcomes together.”  

The Sloans, alongside a powerhouse of highly trained, and relatable instructors, established a broad curriculum of courses including: Intro/Beginner; Power; Strength & Endurance; Restorative; Breath & Movement for Athletes; Yin; Meditation; Nidra; Prenatal/Postpartum - all offered with a focus on 3 core principles.


Getting yourself back in routine; starting something new; pre-season/competitive preparation

First calm the mind, then engage the body. Focus on the intricacies of balance and strength, both physically and mentally.


Mindful flow; next-level competitive edge; in season/competitive support

Use your solid foundation to extend your boundaries, creating unique opportunities for advancement and growth.


Rehabilitation, recovery; stress reduction; lifestyle; longevity; postseason recovery; in-season rest cycles

Most often overlooked in the busiest of cultures, promoting the practices of sleep, rest, recovery, community, and connection.

These foundational, overlapping disciplines work together to create a path of achievement, sustainability, and longevity. 

The programs work because of the instructors who teach them, all who have personal stories that feed their desire to impact others. 

RMSC instructor Kami Kugler is a former collegiate volleyball athlete. She recalls the pressure and rigor of training at the highest level through club and college, always with an eye on maintaining her spot on the court. She felt a huge shift of intensity competing in college, which ultimately led to injury, sustaining 3 consecutive concussions. An introduction to the healing arts first came through her recovery process, finding a therapist that focused on breathing deeply into the space of the brain where she had been hit as a method of healing. It was intention in this practice that not only got Kami back on the court, but helped her seek additional ways to effectively maintain her body. This is when she found yoga. Coupling this practice with her volleyball training not only made her body feel good, but it created an acute awareness of movement, helping her identify key adjustments and corrections without having to have a coach watch her. Kugler ended her college career at the top of her game. 

Now she finds deep fulfillment in helping competitors feed into their potential to perform successfully in the space that they love. She says,” There are so many benefits to yoga as an athlete. Movement. Mind work. Breath work. It all allows you to engage with others in a positive way, keeping negativity at bay, and creating a more positive relationship between you and your body. Grounding yourself will ultimately help you move faster, and jump higher. You need to have control and adaptability over your body in order to accomplish your goals. Yoga strengthens your body in a different way that prevents injury and promotes longevity, allowing you to connect with your athleticism long into the future.”

Focusing on a completely different season of life, Kim Youngren, an RMSC Yoga Therapist works on breath, mindset, and mobility achievement with Parkinson’s and Stroke Recovery clients. Her goal, working closely with clients and caregivers, is to improve balance, reduce anxiety, build strength, and create an overall sense of well-being through community.  

The list goes on and it all seems to work. Serving a broad spectrum of clients from competitive athletes to everyday pursuers of health, Veterans seeking rehabilitative practices, and seniors pursuing continued mobility and longevity, Rocky Mountain Sports Club clientele give overwhelmingly positive feedback about how they feel after taking classes at the studio.

So as you enter this new year once again ready to reach your goals, take a breath, and consider the elements of your approach. Is it time to slow your roll? Could the multifaceted prepare/advance/restore approach make your warrior drive more sustainable? Are you ready to go further, not necessarily faster, but better? Come take a peek, and welcome to The Club. 

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