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Lounging by the Pool This Summer? Cozy Up With a Good Book

There's something about the lazy days of summer that begs even the occasional reader to pick up a book. Let the words transport you to another time or place, or help you on your journey in life. Here, four picks for summer reading.

Trine Rising

Local author C.K. Donnelly penned this YA tale of 16-summer-old Mirana Pinal ia one of the few to have ever possessed all three magical powers of the Aspects. But she has terrifying visions that if she wields her powers, her homeland of Kinderra will be destroyed—through her. To forestall that fate, she must learn how a mysterious watchtower built by her ancestor once saved Kinderra. Mirana must decide if using her powers will aid them—or will bring them more peril. $14.95 at Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com

Blossom in Winter

Petra, a Dutch-American girl and the only heir of finance tycoon Roy Van Gatt, has always had her life planned and supervised by her strict father. From her internship in Wall Street to her degree in Economics at Columbia University. Everything falls apart when she develops a dangerous relationship with her father’s business partner and utmost confidant. A nobleman, known as an unrepentant heartbreaker, 23-years her senior, and who is, above all else, her godfather. This relationship will cost them everything. Written by Melanie Martins. $19.42 at Amazon.com

Barbarians at the PTA

Victoria is starting over. She moves her psychology practice and young daughter, Rachel, to Westchester, NY. They fit in until Rachel is targeted by a cyberbully. Victoria vows to find out who has been messing with her daughter. After she learns a secret that will help her rescue her child, Victoria faces a dilemma—should she expose the bully publicly, despite the potential consequences to her professional reputation and daughter? This book by Stephanie Newman will have you cheering for strong moms everywhere... $26 at Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com

Gone to Darkness

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Barbara Nickless comes this story about newly minted homicide detective Sydney Parnell, who faces a savage killer whose endgame is to capture her. And keep her. In the past, Parnell's gut instinct served her and her K9 partner well. But it’s not a trait Len Bandoni, her old nemesis turned reluctant mentor, admires. Not until Sydney’s instincts lead to their first case: a man tortured and beaten to death. As they investigate the murder, the three develop a bond that carries them through a shocking series of crimes and a horrifying conspiracy. $15.99 at Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com

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